Sponsor a Gambian Girl (SaGG) is charity which seeks to sustainably empower girls and women in The Gambia through education (Sponsor a Gambian Girl, 2022).

SaGG has a number of competitors. For example, Plan International Ireland (PII), whose mission includes advance equality for girls (Plan International Ireland, 2022).

Both SaGG and PII have focused on four popular social media platforms including FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Let’s audit the social media of SaGG and PII to make comparations.

Social Media Listening to SaGG and PII


图1 脸书上的SaGG个人资料
Figure 2  PII Profile on Facebook

As shown in the Figure 1 and Figure 2, it can be seen SaGG’s Facebook account has 3060 followers, PII has 28504 followers and 28012 likers on Facebook which are much more than SaGG ‘s.

SaGG’s posts are published with an average of one post every two or three days. PII posts sometimes two or three times a day, and sometimes every two or three days.

They both present effective pictures, videos, texts and the link of their website. Both of their content types include story talking, event and call-to-action advertising, and their content topics are diversity. For example, some posts of SaGG showing Gambian girls’ excellent education report and success in career fields. Some posts of PII in the form of video holding virtual events that independent women shared powerful conversations to empower girls.


Figure 3  SaGG Profile on Twitter
Figure 4  PII Profile on Twitter

From Figure 3, SaGG’s Twitter account has 165 followers and 474 tweets. While Figure 4 shows PII has 4523 followers and 6778 tweets on Twitter. Their tweets are not as frequently as their posts on Facebook. SaGG’s posts are published with an average of one tweet every four or five days. PII posts sometimes two or three times a day, and sometimes every one, three or four days.

SaGG present simple gray picture in its twitter profile, PII however presents the picture and logo featured in blue. They both present effective pictures, videos, texts and the link of their website. Both of their content types include story talking, event and call-to-action advertising.

Most of topics and formats of their tweets are the same with their posts on Facebook. However, there are additional contents with unique features on Twitter. For example, SaGG’s tweets will be retweets of other charities and videos showing tips for achieving goals from SaGG’s Co. founder. The feature of PII’s tweet is that it contains hot spots, such as they call on all authorities in Ukraine to reject any form of discrimination on young people of colour while fleeing their homes.


Figure 5  SaGG Profile on LinkedIn
Figure 6  PII Profile on LinkedIn

From Figure 5 and Figure 6, SaGG’s has 798 followers and PII has 2383 followers on LinkedIn. Both of them post one post one week on average. However, they have more active engagement with other users on LinkedIn.

SaGG’s LinkedIn profile only contains logo and bio without official website link and picture, whose style is simplicity. However, PII’s LinkedIn profile have detailed information including picture and logo featured in blue, website link.

Most of topics and formats of their contents on LinkedIn are the same with those on Facebook and Twitter. There are also different posts. For example, SaGG forwarded and liked other LinkedIn users’ post of explaining women’s independent charm and calling for girl’s ability training. Meanwhile, PII announced recruitment news.


Figure 7  SaGG Profile on Instagram
Figure 8  PII Profile on Instagram

According to Figure 7, SaGG’s Instagram account has 1659 followers and 457 posts. Figure 8 shows PII has 3507 followers and 548 tweets on Instagram which are much more than SaGG’s. Their contents were posted as frequent as on Twitter.

They both mainly display female pictures and videos on Instagram. But the whole Instagram page of SaGG is in pink style, while PII is in blue style.

Most formats of their posts are pictures and videos. What’s more, there are special formals of reel, which showing girls’ story, the significance of donation and grateful to sponsors for placing girls on the path of equal and success.

Social Listening to Industry of Girls Education Charity

Figure 9  Reaction towards top Content by Engagement on Semrush

The common issues in the industry are girls suffer from gender discrimination including the lack of educational opportunities. From Figure 9, sentiments around those issues are mainly negative with the top reaction of sad and some people are saying words about love to the girls.

Figure 10  Top pieces of Content by engagement on Semrush

According to Figure10, the main hot topics are sponsor girl education for the empowerment of girl children, and popular hashtags are education, donation, Africa and India.

Figure 11 Average engagement by day published on Semrush

According to Figure 11, informal unwritten rule for the industry is that audiences are the most active on Friday and followed by Monday, while seldom engage at other times.

Social media marketing plan for SaGG

Here are recommendations regarding the social media marketing plan of SaGG.

  • Create brand awareness on TikTok, because TikTok is a big deal and it will continue to be a big deal in the future and charities are still slow getting on board.
  • Post content related to CURRENT HOT NEWS to increase traffic
  • Create a COMMUNITY of interactive brand passionate
  • Launch a BRANDED HASHTAG campaign and achieve
  • Respond to POSITIVE SENTIMENT posts, because the user already loves the brand and this can help develop long-term loyalty.
  • Engage with INFLUENCERS, because they might become a brand ambassador, they might have a unique niche of appeal that is consistent with brand, look beyond numbers.
  • Notice guests PREFERENCES, this can help create special moments now and in future.
  • Handle NEGATIVE CONVERSATIONS around the brand. Because brands must be able to respond to customers’concerns in a timely and appropriate manner.


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