Sponsor a Gambian Girl is a non-profit organisation dedicated to educating and empowering girls and women in The Gambia. SaGG aims to target its efforts on connecting Gambian schoolgirls with potential sponsors in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. Sponsors are mostly engaged through the SaGG Foundation’s website and social media. As a result, a social media listening exercise was conducted for the SaGG foundation to determine the marketing efforts that the foundation has employed for its social media accounts between January 1 and March 24 of 2022. 

Primary Summary

Source: SEMrush

To begin the existing social media accounts of SaGG Foundation was investigated using SEMrush to identify the total audience, total posts, and engagement across all social channels. The main social channels of the foundation are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The total audience for SaGG Foundation in all social media accounts to 5421 followers. In relation to activities, there has been an increase in the number of posts (86 posts) in all social channels in this period compared to the previous. However, engagement on these posts is decreasing, except for Twitter, which is increasing. All social media platforms associated with SaGG are linked to their website. 

Audience Demographics

Source: SaGG Foundation Facebook and Instagram Insights

The majority of SaGG foundation’s social media following is made up of women within the age bracket of 25-44 years rather than men. Though the gender divide in Instagram following is stark, with 72% of females and only 27% of males. This is not the situation with Facebook, where the difference is insignificant.

Most Engaging Posts

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Above is the most popular content published across all social media channels during this period. This was an appreciation post with a positive sentiment on the foundation and its accomplishment. 

Source: SEMrush
Source: SEMrush
Source: SEMrush

The above are the top performing social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When compared to other platforms, it can be argued that Instagram has a higher number of engagements. However, vast majority of posts are either unengaged or get only a reaction or likes, indicating that audience’s habit of engaging through comments is modest to non-existent.

The activities on SaGG Foundation’s social media accounts were found to be positive or neutral sentiment towards the topic that were published. Most of the content published aligns with foundation’s vision to support Gambian girls, the value of female education and the success stories of the girls that has been sponsored. 

Hashtag Analysis

30 significant hashtags for SaGG Foundation were discovered from numerous posts across all social media platforms, with #educategirls, #education, and #supportgirlseducation being the most popular.

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In respect to this report, charities in The Gambia that are working for similar causes must be considered to identify and compare social media activity.

Competitor Analysis

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In terms of engagement SaGG Foundation’s audience, activity, and engagement are lower than its peers’, suggesting that it must improve its social media presence with engaging content like stories and reels.

Content and Posting trends of Sagg Foundation and its Peers

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In terms of frequency of posts, SaGG Foundation is observed to be more active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. SaGG Foundation’s most popular post type is photo, followed by video. Carousel, on the other hand, has been used on Instagram.

SaGG foundation’s engagement rate per post is very low across all platforms, even though the number of posts on one of the platforms is higher, it yields very low engagement rate when compared to other organisations, which is a concern that must be addressed.

The top contents for other organisations included support for children’s education and how they transforms lives, as well as gratitude to the charity community for their efforts. The Ukrainian issue was also one of the most popular topics.

Sure: Facebook Screenshots

Even though other organisations have committed to the Ukraine crisis, SaGG and Camfed has yet to do so on any of its social channels

Source: Instagram Screenshots

In terms of general aesthetic, all SaGG social media channels have the same pink colour tone, which appeals to a female audience. However other organisations have gone with a neutral outlook.

Source: Instagram screenshot

Girls Education & Charity Industry Social trend

Source: Google Trends

Girls education is one of the most popular hashtags on SaGG’s social media platforms, this report investigated into the global social trend for girls education. The interest in this keyword peaked between the second and third weeks of February, according to the analysis Afghanistan and African countries were the most popular by region. According to BuzzSumo’s content analyzer, the sentiment towards this keyword is positive, with the top emotion being Love.

Source: BuzzSumo
Source: Google Trends

Since SaGG Foundation is a non-profit organisation, the report also investigated the social trend for charity. The interest in charity has always been strong, but it spiked in the latter week of February this can be because of the Ukrainian crisis, it was also discovered that the ideal day to post about charity is on Friday as the level of engagement is higher.

Source: BuzzSumo

Social Media Goals & Recommendations

Knowing how SaGG Foundation compares to its peers in terms of brand awareness, post volume & engagement, channels where customers communicate, and sentiments allows to explore and find out the reasons behind other organisation’s success, so to alter strategy and catch up. One of the SaGG Foundation’s goals in this scenario should be to get closer to Child fund International and SOS-Children’s-Village, is to acquire large audience, improve engagement rate and develop gender-neutral content that caters to all audience.

Below are recommendations for SaGG Foundation in view with the analysis

  • The present image on the Facebook cover page needs to be replaced with more relevant image
  • Use Facebook Live to promote fundraising events, which encourages donors to donate more.
  • Create content to build a community for volunteers to join the SaGG Foundation
  • Creating a TikTok channel is an efficient strategy for SaGG Foundation to capture the attention of potential audience via Reels and increase engagement.
  • Develop attention-grabbing content that increases engagement among male audience
  • Request followers to post content with the SaGG Foundation tag to their social media networks.
  • Create and share content for stories about SaGG Foundation’s accomplishments, as stories get more views than routine posts.
  • Increase engagement and visibility by tagging other organisations and individuals in SaGG Foundation Instagram stories and posts.
  • Advertise SaGG Foundation Twitter account to other social media channels
  • Engaging with other Twitter accounts enhance the likelihood of the post being retweeted to their followers.