SAGG Foundation

As life is becoming harder and harder, all genders, ages, ethnics should be educated and have access to quality education. Sponsor a Gambian Girl (SAGG) foundation is a non-profit organization which pursues to empower girls and women in The Gambia through education. Having such client, with an effective goal that helps a community in many ways, a social media listening has been conducted for SAGG’s social media accounts to have a higher reach and increase the number of donations that they receive. Additionally, competitors’ performances and customers’ behavior has been assessed to base the recommendation on them.

Part A

SAGG Foundation Social Media Audit

SAGG Social Media Audit

Competitors Social Media Audit

2 competitors have been chosen Malala Fund and CAMFED. The number of followers and the social media platforms used has been compared using the graph below:

Difference of the # of Followers of SAGG and competitors

Industry and Consumers/Donors Social Media and Content Habits

To understand customers’ habits and behaviors, Google Trends and Answer The Public (see appendix 1) has been used to research some keywords used that is related to SAGG. The keywords are donate, sponsor a child, and girls education.

Part B

Social Media Content Recommendation

After conducting social media listening for SAGG’s Foundation, there are recommendations to enhance SAGG’s presence and activities on social media:

Most of SAGG’s audience is on Facebook, so they should heavily focus on providing the appropriate Facebook content.

 Facebook content examples:

  • Tripathi (2018) suggests including more relevant videos that are more than 2 minutes.
  • Use infographics that have a clear message with creative designs.
  • Include some text and articles that state facts and information about the situation in The Gambia and the importance of girls’ education.
  • Focus on the pull strategy to make the donator willingly donate and enter some details.
  • Focus more on the aesthetics of the page; have a compatible profile picture with the cover photo.
  • Add a CTA “Donate Now” (Almieda, 2020).

Instagram content should be more engaging.

 Instagram content examples:

  • Exploit the fact that Instagram has the reels feature by creating reels related to girls’ education or how to donate on website.
  • Post stories daily that includes the website link or links that leads to real stories (Praditya, 2021).
  • Try to engage more the influencers that SAGG follow by asking them to talk about SAGG and the importance of girls’ education.
  • Create campaigns or chose high-reach hashtags and try to make it viral to increase the engagement of the audience (Almieda, 2020).

More informative content for Twitter & LinkedIn:

Twitter & LinkedIn content examples:

  • Include more articles and blog posts links.
  • Create polls related to girls’ education and women empowerment.
  • Include a “donate now” CTA.
  • Start discussions related to SAGG’s goals and objectives (Tripathi 2018).
  • Have more informational posts included in photos or videos.

Overall, SAGG’s Foundation should try to increase engagement in all their social media platforms by the use of influencers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. In all platforms, they should use hashtags that are a mix of big, medium, and small sized hashtags and posts (Praditya, 2021). Some examples like, #empowerwomen #gambia #education (see Appendix 2). In addition, SAGG Foundation should add a TikTok account as their competitors are very active on TikTok, having many followers and high engagement. In conclusion, SAGG’s Foundation has a high potential, however, each social media platform should have its own posts as there are different audience for each platform, having different interests, preferences, and backgrounds.


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Appendix 1: Screenshots from Answer the Public and Google Trends

Appendix 2: List of hashtags for SAGGs Foundation