The SaGG Foundation – Social Media Audit

The SaGG Foundation is a non profit organization that provides Gambian girls with opportunities regarding their education in order to lead successful lives. The foundation’s concept is to match girls with adequate sponsors who will assist them financially concerning their education. They are present on various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Below is an analysis of the performance of these social media channels, research on their competitors, and recommendations for possible improvements. 

Social Media Platforms Listening

  Men are the primary visitors of the facebook page with a percentage of 52.3, women occupy the remaining 47,7%. The top countries were the Gambia with 44.1%, followed by the UK with 13.5%.  Their reach is 4795, their highest reach number was on 25 February and lowest reach was during the period between 26 January and 5 February.  On their facebook page, most of the content shared is girl’s stories, videos including a motivational speech, and inspiring photos of girls working.  


Their most viewed post is a video explaining why it is important to sponsor a girl, it had 1.2k views, 7 shares, and 16 likes. They decided to pin the video on their page for everyone to see. The screenshot of the video in question is shown below.

Now regarding instagram, the content is aesthetically pleasing, their theme color is pink and the content resembles each other. Their content is almost the same as the other platforms, however they also include content such as marketing campaigns including important days such as international women’s day, world book day, women history day.

They have less followers on instagram, however I believe they are more present on this platform, by responding to comments, posting stories, and saving them in the highlights for everyone to see. Most of the comments they get are congratulating comments, support comments, and encouraging comments. The instagram page gets more likes than any other platform’s page. Their reach on Instagram is 915, the highest was before 6 January and the lowest was during the period between 26 January and 5 February. Women are the primary visitors on Instagram with a percentage of 72.5%, men was 27.1%.  The country that visits the most Instagram page is the US with 19.1%, followed by the UK with 15.5%.

The foundation’s twitter page does not have as many followers as Instagram and Twitter, with only 177 followers, and 484 tweets. They post content at least twice a week, they do not get many likes on the tweets. However their most liked tweet has 45 likes, it is a picture with the story of a young Gambian girl. 

Nevertheless, on twitter, the page does not get much comments like Instagram and Facebook. Most of their content is mostly photos and videos, same as the other platforms. 

Moving on to LinkedIn, the foundation has a good amount of followers for a start, location is included, however they are less active on this platform than any other platform. 

Social Media Channels Analysis 

As seen on the audit presented above, the biggest amount of followers they have is on Facebook. After carrying out the Audit, it has been analyzed that the platforms that the foundation are most active on are Facebook and Instagram. However the platform where there is more engagement is unquestionably Instagram. The SaGG website is linked on all platforms which makes it easier for individuals to find your website throughout your social media channels. Their target audience is mainly women aged 21 to 40 years old. The foundation’s marketing strategy is simply playing on the emotional side of individuals, they try to reach their hearts before their minds, by informing them on girls’ cases and what impact would their sponsorship or donation have on these girls. 

Site Audit 

The foundation’s website has a 80% site health, which is a good score overall, the site performance was 87% which is also a good score. The authority score which determines the overall quality of a website, was 16, which is low. There are 132 organic search traffic, and 94.6% of the intent is informational. 

Competitor Analysis 

The first one is which is a foundation in Uganda, working towards girl empowerment, which is similar to the SaGG foundation. They are also present on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube. They have a bigger audience however they are not as active as the SaGG foundation on certain platforms, for example on twitter their last post dates up to 2019. They are as active as the SaGG foundation on instagram, they post at least once or twice per week, and have almost the same amount of followers. Their website is relatively better in terms of aesthetic, chosen colors, theme, and customer service. The picture below portrays a good idea for customer service. 

Their Instagram is not as eye pleasing as the SaGG foundation however as shown below, they are more intimate on it, they share more personal photos including activities the girls participate in, what they do on a daily basis. 

The second competitor is, their mission once again, is to eliminate impoverishment by empowering young African girls through education.  They are also present on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Camfed is also very active on the platforms however they are extremely active on Twitter, they can publish up to 3 posts per day which is great and drives engagement. They actually have a larger audience with 180k followers on Twitter, 30k on facebook,  15k on Instagram, and 13k on LinkedIn. Their bigger audience is on twitter since they post frequently with more than 2 posts per day which leads to more engagement through likes and comments. As shown below, their instagram’s page main concept includes inspiring videos with motivational speeches with subtitles. 

On their twitter page, they don’t only tweet about their foundation, they also post job opportunities which leads to more engagement from the audience wanting to get involved with the organization.

Industry Social Media Trends

TikTok is the biggest social media trend at the moment, many businesses have already adopted it, however most non profits are not on the app yet. TikTok is emerging and it is necessary for foundations to opt for it in order to reach younger audiences by touching them emotionally through creative content.

Livestreams is another social media trend that organizations should start adopting on their social media content management. Going live enables businesses to engage personally with their followers by answering questions, interacting, and meeting their followers. 

Another trend that is becoming more frequent on social media, is the hosting of remote or hybrid events on platforms, such as seminars, webinars, or campaign events. This can allow followers to attend online events and engage with the organization.

Recommendations & Social Media Goals 

Video content

The SaGG foundation has been inactive lately on Youtube, the platform enables engagement, therefore it would be better if the foundation started creating video content such as Life in a day of a Gambian girl and uploading it to their channel.


The SaGG foundation currently does not have an account on TikTok, it is advised that they create an account and start posting videos on the platform following the current trends.


It is advised that the SaGG foundation adopts the livestream culture, especially on the Instagram platform, as it is frequent nowadays.


The SaGG foundation should start creating content on Instagram through Reels, it helps with the algorithm , it allows organizations to be more discoverable on the app, and it boosts brand awareness.


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