SaGG (Sponsor a Gambian Girl) Foundation is Non-profit Organization that aspires to provide education and empower Gambian girls. SaGG Foundation intends to achieve this by connections sponsors from around the globe with school girls in Gambia. Their mission is to create a Gambia in which every girl has equal access to education and can reach her full potential. SaGG Foundation aims to help girl students in Gambia to develop new skills, therefore creating stable communities ensuring improved health and lifestyle.

Social listening is monitoring social media platforms for brand mentions and conversations, then evaluating them for insights to identify opportunities (Newberry, 2021). This blog outlines the social listening report for SaGG Foundation which will include a social media audit for SaGG Foundation and its competition, and there will be recommendations on how SaGG Foundation can increase its social media presence & create a better social media strategy. A social media audit is a methodical evaluation of social data to assist marketers in discovering, categorising, and evaluating all social discourse about a brand (Quesenberry, 2015).  

Social Media Audit | SaGG Foundation

As seen above, SaGG Foundation is active on 5 main social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. After conducting the audit, it was found that majority of the content posted on the social media channels was not unique, the content and even the captions were duplicate across all the social media handles. It is very critical to create unique content catered to audience of specific social media channels as every social media has its own unique audience. Once SaGG Foundation will start offering unique content for every social media, they can expect their engagement rate to increase. Also, during the audit, it was found that SaGG Foundation has not been active on its Youtube channel since 1 year. According to research, calls to action in videos are more likely to elicit engagement. When combined with a video, a call to action generates more than 380 percent more clicks than a standard CTA (Stefanski, 2022).

Competitor Social Media Audit | SaGG Foundation

One should also look at what their competition is doing to create an effective social media strategy. One of the main competitors- Africa Education Trust’s social media audit was done. As seen above, AET (African Education Trust) utilizes the same social media channels as SaGG Foundation. But AET is offering unique content to its audience on different social media channels, because of this AET has significantly higher followers on most its social media platforms. One of the key observations was that even AFT was inactive on its Youtube channel, this is where SaGG Foundation can overtake AFT by connecting to target users on Youtube.  

Social Listening & Investigation of Consumer Social Habits

User Persona | SaGG Foundation

The above user persona is based on the data provided by SaGG Foundation. A user persona is a semi-fictitious figure inspired by your present (or ideal) consumer (Grenier, 2022). User personas are extremely useful to grow and improve a business. Meet Maria Kane, based in London and is Women Rights & Women’s Education activist. She is currently working in mid-level management in a company and also pursing her masters. Maria is active on most of the social media platforms and is always looking to help NGO which focuses on Gender Equality and Women Rights & Education. Seeing other women overcome their challenges and becoming successful really motivates her. Her painpoint is when she sees gender bias, discrimination and women abuse.

Facebook Metrics | SaGG Foundation
Instagram Metrics | SaGG Foundation
Answer the Public | SaGG Foundation
Answer the Public | SaGG Foundation

The above diagram by Answer the Public shows the potential keywords and questions that are being searched and asked on the web. SaGG Foundation should use these recommendations in their SEO strategy or place higher bids on these long-tail keywords if conducting a paid search marketing strategy.

Industry Trends | SaGG Foundation

A lot of charities are using influencers to reach a wide range audience on social media. SaGG Foundation should collaborate with social media influencers to create content which will help them connect to a wider range of audience. Instagram post can now collaborate with anyone, means that the influencer can be tagged on the posts, ultimately showing the post to influencers followers and giving higher reach.

SaGG Foundation should cater its content according to its social media channel especially for LinkedIN. By sharing relevant content to its LinkedIN audience, there is a better chance of converting the users into donors as LinkedIN is pure professional network.

Adoption of new technology is crucial as it will help you stay ahead of your compeptitors. The United Nations has dubbed virtual reality (VR) the “ultimate empathy machine,” claiming it to be the ideal experience for engaging audiences. According to Facebook, 48 percent of consumers who see charity material in VR are inclined to give to the cause they encounter. Despite the fact that many NGOs are hesitant to spend in this new, expensive media, others have had excellent outcomes. Greenpeace utilised virtual reality headsets at Glastonbury to increase charity sign-ups and created a virtual reality app that allows individuals to explore geographical regions under peril (BLASZCZYK, 2018).

Social Media Strategy Recommendations

Social Media Goals & Recommendations | SaGG Foundation

SaGG Foundation can use the above goals and recommendations to create an effective social media strategy which will help them increase engagement, followers and reach on the social media channels. Also, it was found that the charity does not utilizes all social media channels, this will lead to losing out potential audience, therefore SaGG Foundation should be create its presence on all channels such as TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest. Also they should keep up to date to industry trends such as using influencers & new technologies which will help generate more awaresness about the charity.

Below is a short video on Education Stories of Girls Empowered & Educated by SaGG Foundation-   


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