SaGG foundation is a non-profit foundation that is created to help find sponsors for Gambian girls to complete their education. The SaGG foundation is not very well known and people do not talk about it that much yet, it is difficult to do social media listening for the foundation. The following table shows social media audits for SaGG foundation and for its competitors. Chosen competitors are both working on changing the lives of African girls but one of them also have other causes included in their foundation, therefore its reach is international.

Post frequency: Every 2-3 days
Avarage likes: 10-20
Followers: 3000
Post frequency: Every 2-3 days
Avarage likes: 
Post frequency: Every 2-3 days
Avarage likes: 5-10
Post frequency: Every 3-4 days
Avarage likes: 0-2
Plan InternationalYes
Followers: 30.5k
Post frequency: Every day
Avarage likes: 50-200

Followers: 78 072
Post frequency: Every 2-3 days
Avarage likes: 5-15
Followers: 45.7k
Post frequency: 3-4 days
Avarage likes: 5-10
Subscribers: 17 600
Post frequency: 2-3 times a month
Followers: 544 015

Followers: 1483

Post frequency: 2-4 days
Avarage likes: 100-150 
Followers: 30k
Post frequency: 2-3 days
Avarage likes: 10-50
Followers: 180.5k
Post frequency: 2-3 days
Avarage likes: 3-9

Followers: not available
Post frequency: 2-3 months

Followers: 13 181
Post frequnency: 1-2 days
Avarage likes: 10-30

SaGG foundation and its competitors social media audit

Currently, the SaGG foundation has the weakest social media presence among its competitors, and would need to work more on its social media platforms to grab extra attention, and achieve its full potential. Currently, the SaGG foundation uses the colour pink as their main colour on social media channels (all the social media channels seem to be connected) but currently their posts are too crowded with text which is difficult to read. Furthermore, some of the ”videos” which have been created are videos where the text moves around and it is difficult for the viewer to understand where to look.

Plan International is a foundation that focuses on different crises but it also focuses on children’s education, more deeply on girls’ education which makes them one of the competitors for the SaGG foundation. Plan International content on social media channels (all the social media channels seem to be connected) is about different crisis but every post they have created is straight to the point. They have chosen to have the main color blue, which is also the color of their logo.

Camfed is a foundation that focuses on girls’ education in Africa and therefore makes itself the biggest competitor for the SaGG foundation. Camfed content on social media channels (all the social media channels seem to be connected) is more focused on educational videos which is a great way to reach more people due to the popularity of the video content on social media platforms. To read more about why video content is good press here.

From the social media audit, it is clear to see that the reach of the competitors’ social media is bigger than the SaGG foundation has. Both competitors have more followers on each platform, and also have active accounts on the platforms which are not used by the SaGG foundation.


As SaGG foundation is a non-profit organization then it would reach its full potential if it would also take advantage of options that have been offered to the non-profit organizations by different social media platforms. For example, currently, the SaGG foundation does not have Youtube or TikTok channels but these are the main channels where people consume videos. 

To get YouTube for a non-profit organization you can follow these easy steps here

To get TikTok for non-profit organizations read more here

On other social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin it is recommended to make SaGG foundations posts more straightforward with less text. Furthermore, on Instagram, it is getting more popular to use the reels option that might have a viral reach. It is possible to use TikTok’s as reels and vise versa, therefore foundation can use the same content on different social media platforms.

According to the analytics, if the SaGG foundation would like to target people outside of Africa they should target people in the United Kingdom as their main followers outside of Africa are from the United Kingdom, London. It is recommended to target both genders women and men, as the amount of followers is quite even for both genders. Although research shows that women are more likely to donate then it comes out that if men donate, they donate more, therefore for the SaGG foundation it is important to target both. Age-wise SaGG foundation should target people between 25-45 on social media channels, and also find a way to target the generation baby boomers. Research shows that older generations, such as baby boomers, are more generous with their donations than younger generations. 

Adding some straightforward, interesting video content on the SaGG foundation pages and creating YouTube and TikTok channels would bring in more people who donate or who will choose to sponsor a girl in Gambia. Videos which are being added should be informative, telling more about how education can save a child from early marriage, how education can save a girl from abusive relationships, and all the other reasons why education is important for the girls. Furthermore, making a clearer difference between the donations and sponsorships might help people to choose an option for the sponsorship instead of one time donation.