1. Social Listening 

Current State of Sagg Foundation social networks being used and how:

Social networkHow Active on platformTypes of Content
InstagramSagg foundation is very active on their Instagram page, consistently uploading content on a daily basis for the last three years since they uploaded their first post in December 2019.
Followers: 1,659
Pictures Instagram Stories Infographics Short Videos
FacebookSagg are also very active on their Facebook page, once again posting content on a daily basis.
Followers: N/A
Pictures Infographics Short Videos Fundraisers (audience able to donate directly on the facebook page)Facebook storiesReviews/ Feedback from the charities supporters
TwitterSagg posts a variety of content to their Twitter page on a daily basis. Maintaining their consistent upload routine on social media platforms.
Followers:177 Followers
Pictures Infographics Short text posts 
YoutubeWhen looking at the Youtube channel it is evident that the channel has been left dormant, with the last upload being a year ago and the previous posts before then are two years old. Currently the Sagg foundation is not very active on Youtube or using it as a stream to grow. 
Subscribers: 8
Videos Youtube Shorts (Youtubes version of tiktok)
BlogSagg’s blog can be found on their official website only, from assessment of the blog it is clear that they are posting but not as consistently as they are on other social networks with the frequency of content being several months apart.Videos Long form TextImages Hyperlinks

Social Media Networks Performance (Engagement)

Through an analysis of The Sagg foundations social media networks, it was clear that their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter were heavily active, with content being uploaded on a daily basis. However although the frequency of posting on these platforms are positive, consumer behaviour towards them is actually negative. When looking at their Instagram and Facebook it is evident that there is a low engagement rate, with their Instagram page accumulating a total of one thousand six hundred and sixty followers but are only able to gain an average of under ten likes, not even converting 10% of their following to be active, this correlation is matched in their Facebook page as well. This means that their followers are inactive, as the Instagram page previously was averaging around 50 likes a year ago. The reasoning behind this inactivity of their followers could be due to their choice of recycling content, as the same piece of content will be uploaded to their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all at the same time although they Sagg is trying to build brand awareness it is actually in turn losing audience retention due to their perception of their platforms as being lazy and repetitive, as each platform has their own rules, audience as well as algorithm that works best for them by using the same format won’t resonate the same way on each platform (Switch from cross-posting to cross-promoting | Signal, 2022).  The audience retention is also quite negative, this is evident through their low amount of comments per post on all platforms. The Sagg foundation is currently not active on Youtube and in turn their engagement levels are low which is to be expected. In terms of their Blog, the foundation posts quite consistently, on a monthly basis which is understandable as the blog posts are long form content, but their engagement on the blogs is once again very low with most blog posts gaining 0 comments. This lack of engagement is due to the difficulty in navigating to find the blog, the blog can only be found and is only ever mentioned once and that is on their website, they do not publicies the blog at all on any of their social media platforms, making it hard for some consumers to even be aware that the blog exists.

Instagram and Facebook demographics 

Demographics based on Age & Gender:

It is clear that the company’s Facebook page appeals mainly to the demographics of males and females of the ages 25-44. With males accounting for 4.6% more of the overall audience. In terms of Instagram their main age demographics are exactly the same, however the huge difference comes in the gender of Instagrams audience with Women accounting for 45.8% more of the company’s audience on Instagram. 

Competitors Analysis

Social Media NetworkShare and Care FoundationCamfed
InstagramFollowers: 329 Activeness: In terms of their Instagram they do not post much, in fact they haven’t posted now in nearly a year, although even when they were active they were posting around once a week. This clearly indicates the lack of engagement with posts averaging under 10 likes.Types of content: Pictures, Infographics, Videos, Stories.Followers: 15k FollowersActiviness:Camfed consistently posts on a daily basis. Their videos average around 500 views or more while their photos receive an average of 200 likes per post. Although their audience engagement is higher than Sagg as well as the charity being a much larger organisation, Camfeds followers are still quite inactive only receiving engagement from 1.33% of their following.Type of content: Pictures and VideosThe one thing that stands out for Camfed in comparison to competitors on Instagram, is that their page consists heavily of video rather than images.
TwitterFollowers: 158Activeness: In contrast to their Instagram, the foundation posts frequently on twitter, almost on a daily basis.Type of content: Short text, Images, Hyperlinks to articles.Followers: 180.5KActiveness: Camfed posts consistently on a daily basis, even posting several times some days.Type of content: Images, Short form text, Infographics and Hyperlinks to informative articles or videos
YoutubeSubscribers: 306Activeness: The channel is currently inactive however previously they have posted on a weekly basis.Type of content: Informational  VideosFollowers: N/A Activeness: The channel seems abandoned at this point, with their last post being over a year ago.Type of content: Videos reposted from their other social accounts.
FacebookFollowers: 2398 Activeness: The Facebook page follows a similar format in both their activity as well as content are identical (Cross posting)Followers: N/AActiveness: Their Facebook page is a replication of all their other social pages once again due to crossposting.

Industry Social Trends

Social Media Goals & Recommendations

  1. Social Media Goals
  • Post quality over quantity in order to allow posts to resonate with the audience, posting several times a day will oversaturate the audiences feed and in turn cause frustration
    • Although Sagg has posted a few Instagram Reels, it is very important that the use of reels is implemented as in October 2020 through a study by statista it was found that 61% of the worldwide millennials and generation z viewing video content on their phone watched for 1 minute or less (Daily mobile video consumption by video length worldwide | Statista 2020)
  • Use keywords on Youtube videos in order to improve SEO, as currently according to ‘keywordseverywhere’ Sagg’s videos do not contain key words except for the first video they posted, this video continues to be both their highest viewed video as well as highest optimization score, all other videos averaging an optimization score of below 10/100.

Content Recommendations

  • Lower the rate of crossposting (Recycled Posts) instead switch to cross promotion
  • Start using Youtube actively as it will increase transparency of the brand through taking the viewer on a journey as to how operations run and the impact they have, building a deeper relationship with the audience 
  • Start using Tik Tok as it is the biggest social media platform at the moment, this will allow the charity to tap into a new audience 
  • Regain inactive followers retention through user interactive content through posts and stories 

Examples of content recommendations

Social media Image Post example: By posting content that includes adverbs such as “How” and “Why” in conjunction is an effective method of hooking the audience and in turn allowing them to take action.

Infographic Poster: Infographics can be an effective way to provide long forms of information while also being able to maintain user engagement through eye catching graphics that act as a navigation system leading the user on.


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