The base for women to rise up and get the respect that they deserve lies in education. Education is the only way to empower girls.

While in some parts of the world male and females have equal rights and opportunities, some parts are struggling with it. Although awareness has increased and people have started treating females equally to the male population but the world still has a lot more space to improve and accept the fact that females can be treated as equally as men.

Having talked about empowering; Sponsor A Gambian Girl Foundation also known as Sagg foundation is one among other foundations that have taken the initiative to bring out the potential among girls and have the right that they deserve and also make them responsible enough to turn this world into a better place.

Now, let us look at the Social Media Audit of Sponsor A Gambian Girl Foundation.

The Instagram account has a good bio and also the most important thing in having a Call to Action of direct the person to its website has been used.

Consistency is the key. Even though Sagg foundation is active on all of its social media platforms it has not been consistent. The recent pattern that they have been following with regards to posting on Instagram is continuously posting for around 4 to 5 days then a gap for a few days and then again posting for 4 to 5 days continuously.

Also looking at the number of followers is not much. The number is 1660 followers. When it comes to the post, Sagg foundation has tried keeping up with the major dates like Mother’s Day, etc. They use videos, reels, and posts. Post is used to create awareness and reels are used to showcase the gratitude towards the sponsor. Hashtag use for the post is minimal. Some posts do not have hashtags at all. There are not many comments on the post but the posts that have comments are being replied to. Types of comments include appreciation, showing gratitude. Also, every post that is done has a good description and is stated very precisely.

The Facebook page is doing better in terms of followers as compared to Instagram. It has 3000 followers. But when it comes to posting on the timeline the scenario still remains the same. The engagement rate is also less with likes ranging from around 1 to 20 per post. Also, there are not many comments on the post. The profile and cover page of the foundation is also the same.

The Twitter account of the Sagg Foundation is more or less similar. The post is the same with the same pattern as that of other social media platforms. There is not much engagement with the tweets. Only one tweet has been retweeted 14 times.

Competitor Analysis

The competitor used to analyze is Camfed. Their Instagram is doing good with 15K followers. Also, all the posts are in form of videos. And views are not much looking at the number of followers but they are still going better. They do not have many comments and engaging with the comments is not there.

The Facebook page of Camfed looks happening. They have posts of all the activities the foundation carries out. This inspires others to come forward. The followers on this page are also many more, the exact number being 30K. The pattern of posting on time is also the same as that of Sagg foundation. Camfed posts frequently but are not consistent in their posting.

On LinkedIn, they also have job openings that are posted. They have 461 employees who are on LinkedIn.

They also have a YouTube channel but the videos do not have many views and also there is a lot of gap between the two video postings.

Industry trends

Considering the impact of the global pandemic that is Covid19 there have been some positive sides when it comes to charity. People have increased their faith in charity as for some this was the only means of survival. Also, the amount of donations has gone up with the decrease in the number of donors. However, this trend is expected to continue for a while.

The need for isolation due to the contacting covid has also forced us to come up with digital fundraising. This has also let new segments come forward and help the charity in doing fundraising. The cost and resources need for an event were also saved and more benefits were provided as one could pull more people together.

According to a 2019 CAF study, half of the respondents (51%) claimed they gave cash. However, by 2020, this had dropped to 38%, with only 9% in May and June. Cash donations remained low (18%) when the limits were relaxed in August 2021, but contributing via a website or app did not make up the difference, dropping to 14 percent in the same month.


After having done the audit following are the preconditions for the Sponsor A Gambian Girl foundation.

  1. The posting on also social media platforms should be consistent. For instance, 2 posts per week.
  2. Different types of media should be used according to the platform’s reach. For instance, reels are trending on Instagram. So rather than posting just pictures, it is advisable to post reels as it has better reach.
  3. The Facebook page can have a different cover picture that would inspire the visitor or something that would show chase any Gambian girls.
  4. The content that is being posted can be better if it is being planned according to events and occasions coming forth.
  5. They should also start posting the activities that are being carried out in the Sagg foundation to inspire others to participate.
  6. They can have a few posts with Call to Action that direct toward the donation page.
  7. They can change the way content is being presented according to be demographic information.

Finally, would you like to be a sponsor of Sponsor A Gambian Girl foundation?