This social media report will help us understand and identify how the “Sponsor a Gambian Girl (SAGG) Foundations” use social media platforms to reach a larger global audience in order to raise funds to continue their work as a non-profit organisation that helps the well-being and education of Gambian girls.

The SaGG foundation’s current social media use and presence :

The SaGG’s foundation social media performance and engagement :

While analysing the SaGG foundation’s social media networks, we can clearly notice that they are most active on their Facebook, Instagram and twitter where they post various content on a daily basis and try to keep the interaction with their followers. Yet, despite the fact that they have a really good posting frequency on most of their social media platforms, we can see that the audience’s response or behavior towards it is very unsatisfactory. Indeed, the engagement rate, which are metrics that track how actively involved with your content your audience is are in this case very low. The foundation has over one thousand and six hundred followers on their Instagram page but they only manage to get an average of ten likes per post which is the same case on their Facebook and Twitter pages as well. This can mostly be explained by the inactivity of their followers or by the lack of new content posted on the platforms. The foundation chooses to recycle its content on all its pages, uploading the same things on their Facebook, Instagram and twitter all at the same time. Moreover, they are losing audience retention, which is due to the fact that the content posted on their platforms is very redundant. Each app has its own algorithm and audience which means the content needs to be adequate to the platform so it can resonate well to the right audience. Furthermore, here, the foundation should think of going from cross posting to cross promoting.  

Competitors social media presence :

Industry Social Trends[1]

Collaborators[1]Instagram/Tiktok– Gaining new users
– Increasing engagement
– Expanding brand awareness
Story telling[2]All platforms– Creates brand identity
– Connect with customers (donors)
– Can be used in all medias  
Social audio[3]All platforms– Provides depth of contextual understanding
– Allows people to actively participate in a dialog

Company Social Goals and Content Recommendations

  • Lower the rate of cross posting or post recycling[1] and think of switching it to cross promotion
  • Increase quality of videos and pictures will help the user’s engagement and make them trust and believe more in the institution.
  • Creating a content plan and instore content scheduling will help with the consistency and measure the efficiency of each content on each platform.
  • Content diversification between each platform. Different content pillars and creation of various posts depending on the app used.
  • Showing more results or giving more information on what the foundation has already achieved would show the transparency of the institution so users will feel reassured to where their donations will be going.
  • Focus more on the storytelling[2] because for charities it’s the main aspect of a good social media presence.
  • Think of creating a newsletter on the foundation’s website to keep in touch with people that are involved in the charity.
  • Develop and create content for YouTube actively. It can be used to promote on YouTube itself but also on other platform to highlight the quality of the content made.
  • Create a Tiktok account, it is the biggest social media at the moment, which will help reach another target audience and raise awareness.
  • Define a clear and concise tone of voice[3]. This will help keep the brand cohesive on all its platforms in terms of graphics, fonts or colors.