The SaGG Foundation

Sponsor a Gambian Girl Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide young girls in The Gambia with an equal access to education to help them to reach their full potential, and break the cultural beliefs where boys education and men rights are often prioritised.The ultimate goals of SaGG Foundation are:

  • Developing skills and nurturing confidence in girls
  • Preventing child marriage and early pregnancy
  • Building stable and resilient communities
  • Ensuring better health and improving life quality

The SaGG foundation seeks to utilise its social media channels to increase awareness and engagement, in order to reach potential donors and volunteers. The SaGG Foundation identified their primary target audience as follows:

Gender/AgeEducationJobInterestsPain pointsMotivation
Women 21-40 yoUniversity educatedMid-career ManagementGender equality Education Activism Women in leadershipDiscrimination Abuse Exploitation Violence Gender biasesWomen empowerment   Women in male dominated sectors
Target audience overview

Social media listening

This audit provides insights into the brand’s social media channels performance in the first quarter of 2022 (1 January 2022 – 31 March 2022). The performance of SaGG’s YouTube channel is measured over the channel’s ‘lifetime’, as there was not enough data for Q1 2022.

SaGG Social Media Audit Q1 2022

Followers3,0601,6591775398 / lifetime
Posts32 posts 33 posts23 tweets 9 re-tweets23 posts5 videos / 425 views / lifetime
Impressions / ViewsNot available422 views / video829 views / videoNot available425 views / lifetime
Engagement79 likes 32 love 9 comments 24 shares296 likes / post 15 comments40 comments 365 re-tweets 851 likes130 reactions 16 comments 3 shares5 likes / lifetime
SaGG social media audit

Type of content across channels consists of photo, video, infographic across channels. The distribution of content is about 50% ‘static’ photo and 50% video across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The frequency of posting in the first quarter of 2022 was 2,5 posts per week for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. On LinkedIn the frequency was only 1,8 post / per week.

Social listening and sentiment (Q1 2022)

Overall, the sentiment of engagement on SaGG Foundation’s social media channels is very positive, and it can be summarised in three main themes: supportive, encouraging and compassionate.

Gambia charity reports and charts
Social media listening – Sentiment of engagement


A close competitor to the SaGG Foundation was identified as Project Gambia. It is a nonprofit organisation that is working alongside Gambian schools and communities. Its aim is to provide the education, support and funding needed for people to become independent, and find a sustainable solution to poverty.

Project Gambia Social Media Audit in Q1 2022

Followers1,349 followers952 followers573 followers
Posts10 posts9 posts12 tweets
Impressions / ViewsNot availableNot availableNot available
Engagement111 likes 25 love 4 comments 18 shares174 likes29 likes 2 comments 4 re-tweets
Competitor social media audit

The type of content shared on Project Gambia’s social media channels, consist mainly of static images across all channels. The frequency of posting is very low and does not drive much engagement from the audience. Although, the engagement sentiment  across its social media is positive.

Nonprofit industry social media benchmarks

According to Rival IQ Social Media Benchmark Report 2022, non-profit organisations had above-median engagement rates across all social channels in 2021, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Nonprofits posted about twice the median frequency on Facebook and Twitter.

engagement rates
RivalIQ Industry Benchmark Report 2022 – Nonprofit


Photos enjoyed the highest engagement on Facebook in 2021, and were posted about twice as frequently as the next most engaging post type – links.

Facebook engagement rate by post type
Facebook engagement rate by post type


On Instagram, carousels and photos performed much better than videos. Nonprofits profits organisations made a great use of carousels to educate followers making the most out of multiple views. The best performing hashtags for nonprofits on Instagram were generally about social causes and holidays, such as #happynewyear,  #IndigenousPeoplesDay and #ClimateChange.

nstagram engagement rates by post type
Instagram engagement rates by post type


Photos were the top performing type of post for Nonprofits, but every tweet type scored above average engagement rates on this channel. Therefore, there is certainly room for a variety of posts. Holiday themed hashtags were among the best performing on Twitter for nonprofits.

Twitter engagement rate by post type
Twitter engagement rate by post type

Social media goals and content recommendations

According to Hootsuite, a strong social media presence is a sign that an organisation is making an impact. This is especially important when it comes to a nonprofit organisation that relies on donations and sponsorships. The SaGG foundation enjoys a decent following across all social media platforms, however,  given the amount of followers, the engagement with content is relatively low across all channels.

Recommendation 1 – Scale up the number of posts each week

The nonprofit industry benchmark that on average, nonprofit organisations post on:

  • Facebook: 7,57 posts /per week
  • Instagram: 4,45 posts/per week
  • Twitter: 9,86 posts/per week

In comparison, SaGG posts about 2,5 posts per week across all three channels.

Recommendation 2 – Mix up the content across platforms

At the moment, the content is repetitive and the same posts are shared across all platforms. Looking at the industry benchmark report, the suggestion is to pick type of content that performs the best on each social media channel.

  • Facebook: Photo and Links
  • Instagram: Carousel and Photo
  • Twitter: Photo and Video

According to SaGG’s brand presentation by Annetta Paps-King, the brand personality can be associated with the following attributes and emotions: Sensitive, nurturing, hope, initiative, kindness, positive outlook, love. This should be taken into account when planning and creating branded content.

Recommendation 3 – Use tools for content planning and create content calendar

To achieve more consistency across all of SaGG’s social media, a content calendar should be planned and created in advance in order to achieve an effective content mix which ultimately drives more engagement. Tools such as Hootsuite, Later, or Monday are great for content planning and creating social feed previews.

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