Social Media Marketing has become a new marketing strategy that almost every company is using to reach out to their customers via social networking platforms and channels. If a marketer has an idea and wants to reach millions of people at a low cost, social media is the best tool for connecting with potential customers(Furqan Khan and Jan 2014). The Sponsor Gambian Girl (SAGG) Foundation makes use of social media marketing. SAGGFoundation is a non-profit organisation that believes in raising awareness about female inequality in the Gambia and actively trying to educate girl children. It is a type of organization that wants to raise funds and find potential donors for Gambian girls’ education.

SAGG Foundation Social Media Audit
SAGG Foundation was observed to primarily engage with potential donors or visitors via four social media platforms. Their current reach is distributed unevenly across the four platforms. They have the most followers on Facebook (3000), the second most on Instagram (1660),536 on LinkedIn, and 176 on Twitter, the lowest of the four. Except for Instagram, they post nearly identical content across all platforms. They have Instagram-friendly posts, such as reels, that are specific to Instagram but also similar to other platforms in some ways. Because they engage on multiple networks, their target audience varies from platform to platform. The SAGG Foundation is well aware of their target audience, but they do not appear to engage with them frequently or have insufficient numbers.

Figure 1: Facebook users as per demographics

Figure 2: LinkedIn users as per household salary

Figure 3: Instagram Demographics

Figure 1 depicts the various age groups who currently use Facebook in their daily lives. As shown in the image, the age group of 25 to 34 is the most active on Facebook. Figure 2 depicts the LinkedIn users, who are classified based on their annual household income. The majority of users earn £48K or more, indicating that the highest-earning users are active on LinkedIn, which is ideal for the SAGG Foundation to target. Figure 3 depicts the age groups of Instagram users who are active. The most active users in this category are also between the ages of 25 and 34. Following an evaluation of the various platforms, it was discovered that people between the ages of 25 and 34 are the most active users of social media, make a decent living, and could be potential donors for the SAGG Foundation.

Competitors’ Social Media Presence

The competitors that will be evaluated are:

  1. CAMFED – Campaign for Female Education

2. ActionAid

These two competitors are very similar to the SAGG Foundation as they both try to educate females in the Gambia and focus on equal rights for women.
ActionAid is one of SAGG Foundation’s competitors. It is a similar organisation to the SAGG Foundation, which also believes in women’s empowerment and providing a better life for Gambian girls. When compared to the SAGG foundation, ActionAid’s social media presence is quite interesting. They participate on four different platforms, just like the SAGG Foundation. With 62k followers on Facebook, ActionAid has the most reach, followed by 52k followers on Twitter, 19.7k on Instagram, and 2.32k subscribers on YouTube. ActionAid utilises YouTube as an additional social network rather than LinkedIn, which is a wise strategy. In comparison to the SAGG Foundation, ActionAid is much more active, and they post frequently and with trending content, which is why they have a large reach. CAMFED, on the other hand, has a strong social media presence. CAMFED is a similar organisation that promotes equality by providing education to women. They have 180k Twitter followers and 30k Facebook followers. They also use YouTube as a social media network, similar to ActionAid but missing in the SAGG Foundation.

Industry Social Trends
The key to engaging customers is content. It is possible to increase the impact of content on customers by creating something that is within the human attention span. The duration is more important than the content, no matter how good it is. Due to their short attention span, many consumers prefer short clips to longer ones. As a result, creating content with appropriate durations and posting it on the appropriate platforms helps to raise awareness and keep them engaged.
Businesses and non-profits should use social audio spaces and live streams. The business owner may be allowed to speak on behalf of their company, inform customers, and interact with them. Some examples include Twitter spaces and Clubhouse.
Tiktok is a popular social media platform. As previously stated, the age group most active on social media is 25-34. Tiktok appeals to people under the age of 25. The TikTok audience is quite large, and content on TikTok circulates quickly. Many organisations are missing out on reach because they have yet to use TikTok and underestimate its communication power(ATKINS, 2021).

Social Media Goals
SAGG Foundation may be able to strengthen its online presence as a result of the findings obtained from social media listening. They have visually appealing content, but it is repetitive across all of their platforms, which can be improved. They could concentrate on increasing their follower count across all social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Twitter. The company could interact with customers more by answering frequently asked questions on social media. They could make use of other social networking sites. As previously stated, their competitors use YouTube as a media channel, which should not be overlooked and can be used instead. Tiktok, on the other hand, is a powerful platform for smaller businesses to use that may help them grow. It is critical for a small charity not to commit to too many
platforms. To keep customers engaged, they could change the type of content regularly. For example, they could post photos for a week, then switch to videos for a while, and so on. Keeping the content on different platforms new and different can attract the attention of potential donors. To conclude, the SAGG Foundation is doing a lot of amazing things, but some aspects aren’t being implemented well. With the necessary improvements, they could improve and enhance their social media presence over the coming years.

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