A few words to start…

As a global citizen, I am aware of our responsibility to protect the planet and its resources for future generations. I do not think it is solely an ethical obligation but also a growth factor for the economy, social progress, and innovation. Interestingly, a study by the Shakespeare Matineau Institute in 2022 revealed that 79% of individuals consider the level of sustainable development of a university before applying to it. I am therefore delighted to share my experience of sustainability at the University of Westminster, my ideas to further promote sustainability, and my professional future incorporating environmentally friendly institutions.

My Personal Experience

One of the sustainability goals I have actively contributed to during my time at university was the “Sustainable Travel” pledge, which aims to encourage all students as well as staff to reduce the university’s carbon footprint associated with travel. In fact, every time I went to university, I made sure to either walk or cycle. This has not only been a great way to reduce CO2-related emissions but also to stay active, which has been very beneficial for my physical and mental health.

What also caught my attention were the numerous vegan and vegetarian food options at the university. Thanks to the options available, I managed to stick to vegetarian alternatives during the week and allowed myself meat and fish during the weekends. Also, for the third year in a row, the four campuses of the university’s catering service won the “Green Kitchen Standard Award.” This award is accredited by the soil association and is rewarded for institutions that provide food that will reduce the environmental impact. They actively promote ” healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use” (University of Westminster, 2022)

A further initiative taken by the university was introducing a Sustainability Month in October. During this month, a series of events and activities were held with the aim of promoting sustainability and environmentally friendly behaviours. Events ranged from “free bicycle checks” as a way of encouraging the use of non-motorised transportation, to insightful lectures on adopting sustainable behaviours. This initiative is part of the University’s wider mission of contributing towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, once again revealing its commitment to promoting environmental sustainability on a large scale.

Finding Inspiration in a Relatable Quote…

This is one of my favourite quotes, which I believe resonates with lots of individuals.

To me, it highlights the importance of individual actions as a way of fostering sustainability and serves as a call to action which inspires to take responsibility. Every small step taken by an individual is a step that, in the end, has a significant positive impact on the environment.

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What else could the University be doing?

The “Small Steps” Approach

Encouraging all members of the University to work towards a sustainable future is essential. The more is being done by each individual, the grater the outcome will be. I believe that through a “small steps approach”, the university will be more efficient in achieving its sustainability goals.

Some of my Ideas

  • Provide reusable water bottles for every student and staff member to make the most of the available water fountains.
  • Implement “green offices,” in which all members are reminded to switch off lights when leaving, make use of natural light, and recycle paper.
  • Regularly offer workshops that educate students about everyone’s responsibility to work towards a sustainable future and which practises should be adopted.

From Westminster towards a Sustainable internship

My time at Westminster has also inspired me to pursue an internship at a brand that is highly engaged in sustainable practises. The brand is called Panerai and is known for its wide range of luxury sports watches. As the first watches of the leading brand were produced for the Italian Navy, the strong connection with the sea has been growing ever since. This is why Panerai has established valuable partnerships to advance sustainable practises and conserve the ocean and its wildlife. You can press here to find out more about these heartening partnerships. I am more than glad to have found an opportunity where I can apply and develop my marketing communications know-how while being part of a brand that fosters sustainability through its internal and external operations. I believe that the University of Westminster is a source of inspiration for all students to incorporate companies in their career paths that actively support and engage in environmentally friendly practises.

A final note….


It has been inspiring to see the University foster as many sustainability initiatives and actively promote and work towards sustainability goals. I feel very proud to be a member of a community which cares about working towards a greener future. I am sure we can all inspire our friends and family to join the mission of making the planet a greener and more sustainable place!