Diversity at its Core

So, there I was in the bustling streets of London walking past crowded streets forming a symphony of languages and ethnicities. This was almost like stepping into a second universe as opposed to my humble hometown where everyone knew each other. As for the day I walked in through the gates of University of Westminster, it was as if I entered that diversity not only geographical but, in every sense, possible. Reading was not just a matter of having to learn but rather becoming a citizen of the global village – an experience that brought about changes in my biases and widened my perspectives.

More Than Checkboxes: EDI Woven into the Fabric of Everyday Life

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity (EDI) is not simply a slogan printed in one of the brochures issued by Westminster it is a real, tangible thread embodied within the very life of every live on campus in Westminster.  The university has committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment that is diverse, equitable and inclusive. Discrimination and harassment are not tolerated nor accepted at campus grounds.
For example, an international trade class assignment that was originally meant to be quite simple, created a discussion about colonial legacies and economic inequalities when a fellow student from Ghana shared stories about his family experiences. This was a wake-up call for me: a reminder that the textbook graphs and theories was based on lived experiences.

Beyond Textbooks: Societies – Seeds of Change

The university of Westminster provided me with both an intellectual awakening and a personal one. I got out of my comfort zone and went into the student groups and societies’ world. The salsa nights at the Latin American Society, the Salsa Society, beat with the kind of lively energy that would make me feel like I had been transported to busy streets that could only be found in films. The open mic nights organized in the LGBTQ+ society have given rise to conversations about identity and acceptance, which has broken stereotypes and fostered empathy.
Each meeting was like an addition to my worldview, which gave me new ideas and perspectives. The Polish Film Society screenings allowed me to view an entirely different history that I barely knew about, and the debates hosted by the African Caribbean Society made me re-examine my prejudices.                                                                                 

Professors Beyond Lecturers: Catalysis of Growth

The university faculty has been champions of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. My literature professor incorporated personal stories into the discussions on migration and displacement, leaving me not just with the information but with a passion for the causes of social justice. Becoming a champion of gender equality, my economics professor shattered all the doubts I had about developing a career in such ethnically dominated fields and showed me that it was possible to make my dreams come true.Personal Growth: From Hesitant to HopefulReading and encountering diversity is not just intellectually stimulating personally it has been transformative. I realized almost immediately that going to the University was not as frightening, and that it was where I belonged. I made friends with peers from different backgrounds, with whom we had moments of laughter, tears and late-night study sessions fueled by instant noodles and dreams. Throughout my journey at the university, I broke language barriers and studied unfamiliar customs, as well as delt with cultural differences. I learned to listen actively, speak, and listen effectively and embrace empathy.
However, this has not been a smooth ride. Through self-reflection and constant learning I conducted an in-depth analysis of my unconscious biases. For instance, my original naivety regarding cultural appropriation was corrected by the fellow students; that forced me to be not only more enlightened and be a responsible global citizen.

Unexpected Discoveries: Finding My Authentic Voice

My journey at the university has not only been about embracing others for me; but a profound journey of self-discovery. I strived to become the voice for social justice by volunteering in a local refugee center and attending international conferences. These events have nurtured empathy. It has enabled me to become more confident in assuming leadership within student groups and societies. After all, such skills could help me as a potentially young professional to make significant impacts.

A Tapestry of Belonging: Leaving Westminster, Carrying the Torch

As I look forward to a new chapter in my life, the lessons that were learned at Westminster will be always close to my heart. The vivid tapestry of experiences that are burned into the university walls no longer seems foreign; it feels like home. Now, I do not consider diversity to be a problem, but as an advantage and limitless opportunities to develop individually.
Westminster has not only given me an education but opened my eyes to the world through a lens of inclusiveness and empathy. It has made me feel that an ordinary person’s voice like mine does matter, whatever my origin, and background are. It has given me the knowledge and courage to fight for a world in which, irrespective of your past, you are part, you fit in. 

This is only a snapshot of my life transformation at the University of Westminster. Countless stories remain untold, friendships left unmentioned, and challenges successfully dealt with. My experiences are just one strand in the rich pattern of the University, which is a showcase for its enduring focus on EDI. So, if you want an education that extends beyond books, an open-minded community, and a journey that will break your echo chamber and redefine your world, then come to Westminster. Come and weave your destiny, and find out the real power of belonging in an environment where each story has significance.

Illuminating my journey
Author: Federico  Ursini