Inclusivity through University Life

Hola! I’m Victoria, a Spanish student who embarked on an academic adventure at the University of Westminster in London, now going into my third year. I was astounded by London’s diversity as soon as I arrived. People were mixing in the cafes, on campus, and on the streets from all over the world. It filled me with excitement because it was such a difference to my homeland in Spain.

From the start, the university’s dedication to multiculturalism and inclusivity was clear. Every interest and background was catered to by clubs and organisations, one of which was Spanish and quickly became my little piece of home. Universities in London actively encourage inclusivity and diversification. The Higher Education Statistics Agency reports that in 2022, 29.8% of students at London universities were originated outside of the United Kingdom, demonstrating the city’s allure to people from all over the world. There are significant benefits when professors and colleges and universities take the initiative to incorporate LGBT identities into the curriculum.

Educational Support Networks

According to a 2019 GLSEN study found here, pupils who attended schools that provided inclusive education felt safer, encountered fewer slurs, experienced less victimisation, missed fewer school days, and had higher GPAs than those whose schools did not address LGBTQ+ issues in the curriculum. Moreover, a case study reports on a ‘new LGBTQ-affirming school and its role in developing ‘inclusions’, exemplifying how LGBTQ inclusivity within schools plays a major role in the development of pupils knowledge and attitudes towards the LGBTQ community. You can also read more on the Just Like Us 2021 report on growing up within the LGBTQ community whilst still in education, and the challenges that they face.

Westminster’s Inclusive Environment

The University of Westminster, nestled in the heart of London, embodies diversity and inclusivity. What makes it especially notable is its unwavering commitment and dedication to supporting the LGBT community. From committees, online events, counselling services to open mic events, Westminster prides itself on creating a friendly and accommodating atmosphere for LGBT students. The university also provide support from their Student Union team, online and in person. This inclusive ethos is not just restricted to policy regulations; it is a living, breathing part of campus life. They even have their own movie night to celebrate LGBT history and LGBT Celebration Breakfast at their Regent Street Campus! See you there!

Throughout the past three years studying at Westminster, I have observed through the eyes of my friends within the LGBT community on how extensive the provided support is. The University of Westminster’s approach to LGBT inclusivity is, without a doubt, a shining example for higher education institutions everywhere- insuring that all students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can flourish, thrive and prosper in a safe and supportive environment. My horizons have expanded being in such a welcoming place. I have made friends from a wide range of backgrounds, learned about other cultures, and realised how crucial inclusivity is in today’s multicultural society.

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London is a microcosm of the world, not just a metropolis. This experience has opened my eyes. The city’s approach and dedication to inclusivity is a way of life that benefits all visitors, not merely a set of regulations. Along with knowledge in my chosen field, I’m carrying with me a greater appreciation for the world’s stunning diversity and inclusiveness as I pursue my education. As we draw to a close, it is evident that inclusivity at Westminster and London as a whole, is a lived reality that continues to evolve and inspire. It pushes us to be more compassionate, think broader, and appreciate the extraordinary mosaic of human experience. For students who are a part of this inclusive environment, university becomes more than simply a place to learn; it’s a crucial step on the path to becoming well-rounded, inclusive individuals who are prepared to leave their imprint in a world that is evolving day by day.