This report entails a deep understanding of SPONSOR A GAMBIAN GIRL (SaGG) Foundation’s social media listening and analytics. SaGG Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on empowering girls and women through education. The main focus is to link girls in Gambia with sponsors in U.K., U.S.A. Germany etc. directly to provide education which in turn will not only educate them but also help them break the biases prevalent in the society.

This report will help the charity to break the social media barriers and grow on different channels. We will also focus on social media listening and propose changes as to how they can improve their Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


“A picture is worth a thousand words” has become the new adage in this era of social media. But not only pictures but videos, reels and tweets have also come into the picture and are playing an important part in the social media revolution. For any business and in this case a charity to be successful it is essential to carry out social media listening to get insights on how good or bad they are doing; and what they can improve to attract more traffic to their channels. ((Li and Xie, 2019)

From the insights gained from the posts that SaGG Foundation posts on Instagram and Facebook it is evident that they need to work towards attracting more donors/sponsors to their channels.

According to the above attached graph and insights of the posts made on the social media channels, it is evident that the most engagement was on the picture posted about the fact that more than half the girls in Gambia get married and become pregnant even before ending her education; which means that the jobs aspects are really meager. This post on Facebook and Instagram was able to reach the most number of people – 1,905 and also received likes and shares on it as compared to the other posts made. According to studies brands and charities that include pictures and videos have a higher chance of getting engagement than those who don’t. (What Encourages Facebook Engagement? – eMarketer, 2022)

Looking at the social media we can see that they have a total of 4.91k followers and just 54 posts on all the channels. The posts were quite engaging i.e. more than 50% of followers liked, commented or shared the post. Instagram takes the lead amongst all the social media channels that the foundation have.

SaGG Foundation has social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter whereas mentioned before Instagram has the widest reach.

The post to receive the most amounts of engagement was related to a success story. It could be said that sponsors and followers simultaneously are more likely to engage in a post that is related to real-life experience. Sharing more success stories would result in growing the network wider.


It is essential for any business and in this case for charities to look at their competitors to gain insights and simultaneously improve in the areas they lag. In this section, we will be doing competitor analysis in comparison to SaGG Foundation. The first competitor is Right to Play, which is working towards protecting, educating and empowering children to rise above adversity using the power of play. They are currently operating in 15 different countries across the globe. The second competitor taken for the analysis is Education International. They are a union of 401 organizations working in 172 countries. Their aim is to provide free, quality and fully funded education to children.

SaGG Foundation is below average for audience; ranking 3rd amongst the three charities as per the above insight. Our charity has an audience of 4.91k whereas, Right to Play has 17.4k and topping them both is the Education International with an audience of 66.4k. The reason for them to have a higher audience is because they have a more social media presence than SaGG.

SaGG Foundations’ posting frequency is about 13 posts a week which is better than Right to Play but lesser than Education International. It is evident that SaGG Foundation has actually increased its social media activity by 108% as compared to last year – 2021.

SaGG Foundation saw the biggest increase in total engagement on Twitter, while the competitors increased most on Facebook. One of the most engaging posts for our charity has been on Twitter which also received retweets getting more reach and engagement. Resulting in the highest increase in engagement rate i.e., 52% compared to other competitors who only saw a percentage increase of 19% and 48%.



According to the statistics seen above, SaGG Foundation needs to share more posts related to the success stories of the girls. This post so far has had the highest number of engagements which means sharing such a post would not only engage but also increase the number of followers and attract more sponsors to play their part in the cause.


Organic and natural pictures have secured more like and shares on SaGG Foundations’ social media channels rather than edited pictures. If they can manage to use such images they might be able to gain more reach, likes, and comments.


The website for our foundation is quite detailed but one thing that is missing is the YouTube logo which has a negative impact on the charity. Why? The charity has a YouTube channel where they share the stories and conduct events; which means if they do not have a logo for YouTube on their page the website traffic would not be diverted towards YouTube resulting in a loss of reach.


In this digital and social media era, TikTok has gained more attention of people than other channels for trendy, fun and informational content. It would be of use to the charity by posting relevant and engaging content on TikTok. This would indeed attract more sponsors and capture wider audiences. Using a probabilistic approach can help gain more reach and audience than any other method. (Yue et al., 2020)


SaGG Foundations YouTube channel needs more engaging content. They have only 8 subscribers and not a lot of content as compared to Right to Play which has 400 subscribers and much more engaging content. They should focus on increasing their YouTube channel to have a wider reach.


In conclusion, it could be said that SaGG Foundation has the potential to gain the attention of a wider range of audiences and also increase their engagement and reach via different social media channels by increasing its online presence.


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