Tracking mentions and conversations about your brand on social media sites, then evaluating them for insights to find opportunities to act, is known as social listening. (Newberry, 2021)


Sponsor a Gambian Girl (SaGG Foundation) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to long-term empowerment of Gambian girls and women through education. SaGG intends to focus its intervention on connecting schoolgirls in The Gambia with potential sponsors in the United Kingdom, Germany, and other countries. SaGG is convinced that education is the foundation for a better future, and aware that millions of girls around the world lack basic support to access quality education.


Any instrument or service that makes use of telecommunication technology, including digital media, to facilitate the production and exchange of data, information, and action, including dialogue, is considered social media. It is important for any company that its social media profiles and strategy should be evaluated and optimised. (Gattiker, 2014)

Be the reason for their smile. You can be the reason for their smile in the following ways: Make a donation, Sponsor a girl or become a champion. Your donation can help make difference in the lives of these girls and provide them with proper education that they all deserve.

Audit report of social media platforms| saGG Foundation

The social media audit for the SAGG foundation above shows the activities and insights on different social media channels and their engagement rate for the same. As seen they are connected with their audiences on all the social media platforms. They have the highest number of followers on Facebook with 3000 followers followed by 1661 on Instagram, 175 on Twitter and 533 on Linked In. On an average 1 post is re-tweeted and has good views on Facebook. Visual content in the form of images, videos, reels and infographics which are published on a frequency of 2-3 days a week. Its purpose is to educate and raise awareness on the importance of the education of Gambian girls and also to increase engagement rate on all their social media platforms.

However, it is clear that the highest engagement rate is on Facebook which is the KPI for the organisation in terms of its key metrics performance indicator. Suggestions on how to improve their social media platforms would be provided in the recommendations at the end.

Social media audit- CAMFED| saGG Foundation

Above is the social media audit report of the competitor thats is CAMFED who is also providing girls with education and has far more reach to the consumers on its social media platforms and has a higher engagement rate on its social media platforms in the form of likes, shares, comments and views. It has the highest number of followers on Facebook which is 30k followed by 15k on Instagram, 24.9k on Twitter and 13k on Linked In.It produces visual content in the form of photos, videos and infographics and has a higher engagement rate as they have 150-200 likes on average with 10-15 comments on average and 10 re-tweets which shows more user engagement with the organisation in respect to the above stated organisation. Its purpose is to educate and raise awareness on the importance of girls education and to create more user engagement. It also uses proper CTAs and as compared to SaGG Foundation it has high number of user engagement on all its platforms.

Above is the Consumer Persona for SaGG Foundation provided on the basis of the report given by the Founder of the SaGG Foundation. Meet Olivia Wilson whose 29 years old and is an influencer residing in London, United Kingdom. She is an influencer whose goal is to create awareness and help charities for girls education in any ways possible, she also wants to eliminate gender discrimination and abuse towards the girls. Consumer research which means gathering data scientifically based on the audience data which was conducted based on the insights from all the social media habits the consumer tends to interact more during festivals and commenting by wishing. As seen there are not much number of comments but there are a substantial number of shares and re-tweets. Consumers are not commenting and liking the post so much mainly because there is lack of CTAs which can be improved. 


Content metrics above are generated through Instagram and Facebook audience report with 72.9% women on Instagram between the age group 25-30 years and 52.3% men on Facebook between the age group of 34-44 with top cities and countries stated above. These are the target audience that SaGG Foundation should focus on. 

Above is the social media audit on the basis of company, competitors and consumers which was done by analysing all the social media channels. Read more to know about what people are talking about when it comes to girls education below. 


Social media listening| SaGG Foundation

Some important things that people are talking about in girls’ education are:

What girl child education is? Why female education is important? What is girls’ education in Nigeria? Why girl need education?



industry trends| SaGG Foundation

The successful industry trends are storytelling for real-life videos educating people about why girls’ education is important and all other questions that we know people are talking about in the above figure and how you can change the lives of girls by donating or sponsoring. Collaborations through Instagram by influencers are the best way to create awareness as they have a good reach of audience and adding hyperlinks to increase shares and re-tweets can also create brand awareness. 

Social media goals and recommendations 

  1. Launch a hashtag campaign-  Hashtags work as CTA for your brand and create awareness regardless of location and size. Launching a campaign with hashtags can make content easily accessible and coming up without searching for the charity specifically. 
  2. Increase engagement on all social media platforms:  
  • Instagram: Instagram stories are the best way to have conversations with your audience. Create memes that will include the number of shares for your brand. Most important is to include CTAs in all your post captions.
  • Facebook: To make a weekly calendar using platforms like Hootsuite and Facebook scheduling tools to post on the perfect timings that are when your audience is most active. Always have new content and avoid repetitive content. Lastly, don’t forget to include CTAs.  
  • Twitter- Using more visual content like GIFs, memes, high-quality images and videos will increase engagement. Always interact with your customer’s tweets and never forget to re-tweet. 
  • Linked In- Increasing your network is very important on Linked In. Create more number of posts. 

3.  As said above one of the industry trends is collaborations. Using Influencers who can promote your charity will lead to more engagement on your page and help create awareness for your charity. 

4. Always follow the ongoing trends on different platforms and always have your calendar ready as to what is the next thing that people are celebrating like women’s day etc. Tik-Tok is the most trending platform and SaGG Foundation must come up with a Tik-Tok platform that will lead to brand awareness. 

5. Use the SMART framework which will set objectives for business in terms of what should be accomplished? how will you measure your goal? Is the goal achievable and relevant in terms of your results? In how much time do you expect to achieve this? SaGG Foundation can achieve its goals by using a smart framework with the goals and targeting the right audience as stated above. 

6.  Amplify the cause as one of the voices for girls education in Gambia. Educate people more about why they should donate and sponsor and also about what is happening in Gambia. 




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