The SAGG (Sponsor a Gambian Girl) Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to educating young Gambian girls who have lost their school sponsorship as a result of the Covid Pandemic.

This blog is about social media listening. And the comparison between SAGG Foundation and its competitors along with the recommended changes and steps based on the data that SAGG Foundation can make.


According to the insights it could be seen that SaGG Foundations has been able to reach a total of 4.91k people with only 54 posts made across their social media channels. The total engagement is at 251 which has also increased as compared to the previous year by 52.1%. The most engaging forum for them has been Instagram so far. Whereas, the most engaging post on both Facebook and Instagram has been about one of the girls – Rubi Sowe who actually got sponsored and graduated from university in March 2022. Another post that got the most engagement was on Twitter where the engagement rate was 33.9% and there were 30 retweets as well. This means that the post was targeted on the right social media channel and caught the eye of the people creating a buzz of engagement. Facebook and Instagram can mainly amplify the effect and also gain higher engagement as well if directed towards the right audience. (ISELI, 2021)




According to the insights are given above it could be seen that new social media handles were added to SaGG Foundation. Taking the competitor average it is evident that the competitors’ audience was an average of 114k while SaGG Foundation was only at 4.91k. CAMFED was the leader in gaining the most audience of 226k; with Twitter being the highest social media channel. According to the insights given below, it could be seen that new social media handles were added to SaGG Foundation.


SaGG Foundation posts about 13 times per week but they could work on this and increase the posts per week to increase their reach. Also, their posting on social media channels has increased in the last year by 107.7%. Whereas, the competitors have only increased by 17.2%. The goal for Gambia’s posting on social media handles has decreased by 33.3%, which means that SaGG Foundation is doing much better in this era. Our charity has a good online presence, Frequent posts, and updates on multiple Social media platforms.


The total number of engagements that our charity has been able to achieve till now is 287. SaGG Foundation has seen the biggest increase in total engagement on Twitter by 73.9%. While on the other hand, the competitors have grown only 10.2% on average; on Facebook. Even though SaGG Foundation has lesser engagement than its competitors it still has grown the most than them. Their best social media channels are Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram. If they focus more on these channels they can actually beat their competitors and ultimately gain much more engagement than they currently have.

Few of the Twitter account posts got a retweet by a person. In, one of the posts got commented by a Twitter verified account, which has 151k likes and 42.8 k retweets. So, the reach for that particular post (About Charity Awards for the education).

Based on the social media audit, for Instagram SaGG Foundation had a total of 224 posts while CAMFED posted only 60 posts. CAMFED has the lead in the total number of followers with more than 15k followers while our charity only has 1.6k followers. We had a very low engagement level coming out to be only 15 when our competitor had it at 125.

The top posts by CAMFED focused on sharing success stories of the girls’ who have benefitted from the sponsorship. It received a whopping total of 710 likes on Instagram. Also, they have grown over the past month and have gone up to 15k followers in March 2022.

The best sort of post for them was in the form of an image while we had more views, likes, and higher engagement on the posts that had video content in it.

Looking at the more engaging and formal social media channel – Twitter it was seen that Goal for the Gambia has the lowest number of posts with an average engagement of only 1. CAMFED once again taking the lead has more than 181k followers while our charity has 177.

The top post that gained the highest amount of engagement was for SaGG Foundation where they tweeted about a girl in need, looking for sponsorship. It got 97 retweets and 58 likes. Unfortunately, SaGG Foundation has been unable to grow its followers in the past few months.

For all the three charities the best way to engage the audience has been by tweeting in text format and not in the form of videos or pictures. Engaging the sponsors is highly important and it can be achieved via constant trial and error. (Spinks, n.d.)


Not-for-profits saw mediocre commitment rates across all social media channels this year and posted about double the time on Facebook and Twitter.

Ideas for Non-profits:

• Make it a point to play with posting to duplicate these stellar interaction rates with fewer posts.

• Photographs truly assisted non-profits with recounting to their accounts this year, so this is

a decent post type to look in the year ahead keeping in view the carousel posts as well.



SaGG Foundation can improve on the social media front if they include a call to action and backlinks to their website. This would derive more traffic not only to their website but also to their social media channels creating more engagement and reach which will ultimately benefit the charity and its aim.

Also, as said before a comment from a verified user had a great reach and engagement but it was not traced back to their website so they lost a lot of traffic resulting in more opportunities to sponsor and lead generation lost.


The charity has a potential reach for their posts if they consider doing more internet activities like Instagram Live and Webinars for creating awareness about their aim and goal which is providing quality education to the girls in the Gambia. Also, about the background of the girls, success stories will result in lead generation.


As analyzed most of the content in SaGG Foundations’ social media is based on text. So, it might be of benefit to them if they provide quality video graphical content instead of textual videos.


As seen in the image above the tagged post on Instagram had the best engagement similar to earned media promotions. So, doing similar content to the tagged post might have a higher chance to get much more engagement and reach.  


When doing the research, we stumbled upon one of the profiles which had artworks related to SaGG Foundation. Acknowledging those products will help not only the foundation but also the artist as both the parties get a new perspective and line of reach. To make the content stand out and more appealing it is necessary to use the desired purpose and also value. (Zimmerman and Ng, 2021)


This article about the SaGG Foundations can only be viewed with a paid subscription so making articles like these public will help their potential sponsors to know more about their foundation before they donate.


Hashtags have gained a lot of popularity on Facebook and Instagram in the past decade. According to the rival IQ report on the non-profit organization, the hashtags like #education and #equality on Instagram have a higher range of engagement on the current social platforms.


According to Statista for a non-profit organization carousel posts had a higher engagement. So, it is evident that the use of the carousel format of posts will provide and kick-start a better engagement for the social media channels.



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