An extensive analysis on the Sagg Foundation

Black and White African children from Gambia seeking education to empower girls education
Girls of Africa

This Social Media Report which is created to understand and identify how the “Sponsor a Gambian Girl (SaGG) Foundations utilizes their social media platforms to reach a wider global audience to gain financial aid for them to continue their efforts to work as a non-profit organization which supports the well-being and education of young Gambian girls. 

This analysis will aim to provide information on how the SaGG foundation has utilised their social media, a comparison between their competitors acting in a similar capacity and recommendations on content that SAGG could use to expand their social presence across the platforms. 

Social Media Listening

This marketing tool is used to understand the trends and discussions that are currently happening in the entire industry, to narrow down why users are engaging in a specific trend. In this scenario the market that SAGGfocuses on would be providing education to girls in The Gambia.   

To depicts what the general consensus is for the SAGG Foundation when compared with one of their direct competitors, the ABAANA Foundation is a prominent counterpart. ABAANA is a charity that focuses on providing education for African Children to overcome poverty. The statistics below visualize that apart from Instagram, SaGG is ahead of the competition when it comes to Likes. When looking into the SaGG foundation’s reach across their social platforms, the graph below clarifies that Instagram is where their core audience lies.

Graph depicting Facebook and instagram likes between sponsor a Gambian child and the Ababa foundation

But even though the SaGG foundation has a higher number of followers when compared to ABAANA, the latter is higher when it comes to engagement. They have more likes comparatively, which means that their posts have managed to capitative the audience. 

The following graph visualizes the last three posts both organizations have posted on Instagram and Facebook. It is evident that even though APAANA has less followers, their content could be considered as much more engaging than SaGG.

Social Media between Abaana and SaGG

It is quite difficult to narrow down the audience’s point of view which in case would be the sponsors or donors. This is due to SaGG not having have any comments on their last three posts which if compared to ABAANA had more engagement by the audience in the form of comments. 

When looking into the social trends followed by the entire industry, it important todraw comparisons from a industry giant which is UNICEF. The biggest difference which could be seen between all of these organizations that are operating in a similar capacity is the quality of the content and the clarity of the message they wish to communicate.

Having engaging posts with call to action and hashtags effective used and having content which needs to be captivating is essentials charitable organizations are a very competitive industry.

Social Media Goals and Recommendations

After going through all the content that the SAGG foundation had published throughout their social life span, it is clear that the foundation follows a certain brand image. Their video content follows the same suite and has the same outlook as their social posts.

Organisations such as UNICEF has a very dynamic social media feed as seen above and tends to derive from their format occasionally. Since the target market should not be limited for charitable organizations as the goal should be focused on attracting all demography’s without limiting themselves.

The SaGG foundation already has a multitude of content which could be amicably used in their posts, and it could be argued that a redesign of their posts and content would the give the entire foundation a fresh new outlook in their social platforms.

The following image is of a post that SaGG had published about one of their conversations with a guest speaker. They had followed the same formatting which are used on their other posts, but the main area of concern would be that there is a lot of time which could be used more effectively. The message could be delivered with much more impact since the necessary assets are already in place.

The post below is a recommendation which the foundation could use as a reference for their upcoming social media video content.

The content is very thorough, and the entire ratio of the post is used to display critical information that the audience will constantly reatain whilst focusing on the subject matter of the post. More attention is given to the message rather than the speaker. The main reasoning behind such a substantial change would be to captivate the viewer as soon as they come across the post. The post may influence the viewer to repost it or share it. 

The posts below are a few examples of SAGG’s Instagram stories.

Stories of this nature are very unconventional in the year 2022. Most Instagram users tend to unfollow pages that are not up to date with the quality of their social posts. Instagram stories should generate brand awareness whilst building a meaningful relationship with the audience. When looking at the Instagram story which was published by the SAGG foundation, even though there is a strong message lying behind the story, the user isn’t influenced enough to find out more about it.

The video above is another Instagram story which could be implemented by the SaGG foundation. The aim of this story is to provide a teaser for the audience so that they become genuinely curious to swipe up. Very simple elements are used to provide only the necessary information for the user to push them to enter the SAGG foundation Instagram or Facebook page.

In conclusion, it could be seen that the SaGG foundation uses a fixed structure when creating content for their social media and when comparing with other non-profit organizations, the use of organic and captivating footage always tends to capture the attention of the audience. It is always better to derive and try new things as social media is a platform which will evolve at a very rapid state.