SAGG foundation ( sponsor a Gambian girl) is a non-profit organisation. The aim is to empower girls and women in the Gambia by providing them with the best quality education. Education is an important factor in building and maintaining a better future. Conscious of the fact that many girls lack support and access to basic education, SAGG foundation helps them gain good education by linking them with potential sponsors in the united kingdom and Germany.



The following is the social audit for the SAGG foundation 

  • Followers: 3k 
  • Frequent posting 
  • Source of media: pictures and short videos 
  • Website link 
  • Updated but same cover and display picture 
  • Very few comments 
  • No rating (6 reviews) 
  • Good sharing of articles and posts 
  • Push and pull. Push:Same theme throughout and similar content on image and post. Pull: Good use of videos/photos/infographics
  • Followers: 1160 
  • Post related hashtags: #empowerwomen, #Womensday, #Violenceagintwomen

   No hashtag for Gambia girls or Saggfoundation

  • Profile linked to website
  • Social media voice: Empowering and happy. Femenist. 
  • Following: NGO’s, Strong public figues, positive pages
  • Quick response to comments 
  • Youtube channel available 
  • Subscribers:8
  • Videos: only 5 videos uploaded. 
  • Video content on girl education and aim of empowering girls in Gambia 
  • Not all videos are shared on other social media channels. 
  • The comment section is turned off
  • Webisite linked to the video despription 
  • No likes, 15-100 view on videos. 
  • Not updated recently 
  • Followers: 177
  • Linked website
  • No tags or mentions 
  • Frequent posts with no retweets 
  • Similar content and posts 

 Social media audit for competitors

CAMFED helps and supports girls and young women in impoveridistricts in sub-Saharan Africa fighting against challenges of gender and poverty that limit their education.

  • Followers: 30k 
  • Frequent posting 
  • Source of media: pictures and short videos 
  • Website link along with contact deails 
  • Less response to coments 
  • Content includes videos of girls and pictures showing progress 
  • Followers: 15k
  • Post related hashtags: #girleducation, #leadership#CAMFEDsisterhood included org. Hashtag
  • Profile linked to website
  • Social media voice: Empowering and happy, stories of success
  • Following: 282, influencers and other organisations 
  • Quick response to comments 
  • Youtube channel available 
  • Subscribers: ZERO 
  • Videos: 125 videos 
  • Video content on stories and educating the girls 
  • Not all videos are shared on other social media channels. 
  • No response to the comments 
  • Website and other social media linked to the YouTube page. 
  • Few likes but about 1,306,716 views in total. 
  • Updated monthly and not very frequently. 
  • Followers: 180.5k 
  • Linked website on the page 
  • Tagged accounts and 
  • Frequent updates with few retweets
  • Different content and posts 

Competitor audit: 

WomenOne envisions a world where every woman and girl has access to quality education. They partner with institutions and community-based organizations to provide women and girls facing extreme poverty, cultural barriers and emergencies access to life-changing education. They do this through research, advocacy and innovative programming.

  • Likes: 15,330 
  • Not frequent posting 
  • Colab with brands like MaxMara
  • Posts of girls sponsored and their stories 
  • No ratings 
  • Followers: 3008
  • Post related hashtags: #womenempower, #educateher, #Womenone 
  • Proflie linked to the website 
  • Social media voice: inspiring stories about the sponsored girls
  • Following: influencers and artists 
  • Followers: 1698
  • Website linked to the page 
  • No retweets
  • Similar posts on all social media
  • Posts of the founder along with the sponsored girls

Target audience: 

Sagg foundations target audience is based on the user persona mentioned. The target audience’s are people who love charity work, donations

\ and belong to the age group between 25-50 as they are financially capable of donating. The countries to target are The UK and Germany or such developed countries. Motivation for the target is the willingness to make a difference and help others in need especially  girl child and who support education. Frustrations of the target audience could be social injustice or violence against women and children to motivate them to donate further. An emotional background is needed to move people towards helping and donating. 

What competitors are doing better/differently: 

  • Engagement is stronger on all social media channels with more followers, likes and subscription 
  • Posts of the sponsored girls along with their pictures and stories 
  • Posting about progress and support 
  • Positive quotes and messages 
  • Frequent posting of posts and stories that keep the target audience indulged. 
  • Theme to the social media page that is vibrant and engaging. 
  • Good response to the comments and link to the website. 
  • Hashtags on Instagram are related to the posts and the organisation eg. #CAMFEDsisterhood #Womenone 
  • Different content for different social media 

Social media Trends for Non-profit organisations:  

There are around 3.78 billion social media users worldwide in2021 and these numbers are going to increase in the coming future. Social media is a great tool for non-profit organisations to reach their target audience and connect to their communities. A few of the trends that can be followed are as follows: 

  1. Videos, stories and live streaming. 

Video content has become increasingly valuable over the years, and it’s expected to become even more important this year. In 2021, Cisco anticipates that video will receive 82 percent of all online traffic. In addition, 57 percent of people who watch a nonprofit video make a donation

2. Tiktok for non-profit organisation: 

TikTok is a famous social media that helps create 15 second short videos with over 800 million active users worldwide. TikTok challenges can be an easy way for nonprofit organisations to connect to users by incorporating their cause with the trends. eg. UNICEF jumped on the trend and educate users about the coronavirus 

3. Peer-to-peer fundraising on Facebook: 

Social media is one of the most important tools on the internet. Non-profit organisations  can use these social media platforms to connect to their users and engage them in their cause which leads to more donations. 

On Facebook, now you can add a donate button on your page to raise funds for a different cause. eg. The American cancer society had clear actions for donations on their Facebook page. 

Goals for SAGG foundation 

  • Increase awareness
  • Drive traffic to the website and increase donations 
  • Increase followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by 20%
  • Use of hashtags and tracking.
  • Increase brand mentions 
  • Gain more subscribers on YouTube 
  • Post more frequently on YouTube 


Based on the above research and social audit there are a few suggestions and recommendations for the SAGG foundation. 

  1. Create and post more about the girls that are being sponsored along with telling their stories and education process to approach the target audience emotionally. 
  2. Post about the organisation’s progress and tasks.
  3. Use more hashtags for Instagram and Twitter related to the organisation such as #Sponsoragambiagirl #SAGGfoundation #educategambiagirlchild
  4. The Instagram and Facebook posts are of one theme (pink). Use of a more vibrant and happy colour scheme along with pictures and videos.   
  5. Upload more videos on YouTube about the organisation and founders and enable the comment section. 
  6. Create more social media trends like fundraising on Facebook, videos with a cause on TikTok and uploading more stories. 
  7. Creating a different form of content for each social media Chanel and connecting it to the website.