“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength” – Corrie Ten Boom.

When you worry, you carry the load of two days; one of the present day and the other of the next day. This load can be avoided if we understand that worrying about tomorrow is not going to solve tomorrow’s problem. So, focus on the today’s Scenario. Get most of it; do your best and Do not let worry rob you.

“Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose”- Eckhart Tolle.

Think about every time you were worried about a thing. Did that help you in getting any better results? NO! That was not the case for me at least. Although it is natural to worry about stuff, it will only deteriorate your emotional strength and create a lot more problems for you.

“Sorrow looks back, worry looks around, faith looks up” – Ralph waldo Emerson

The sad feeling that we have is most of the time related to past experiences or scenarios. We feel anxious mostly about the things that are related to and around us. But the utmost solution for this is faith! Faith in God and faith in one’s own self.

Worry is an emotion. It is natural to worry about things like unpaid bills, job interviews, etc. When this becomes a habit, it is then when it gets dangerous. People worry because they believe anything awful will or may happen, so they engage in an extra vigilant worry technique, believing that if they worry enough, they will be able to avoid or catch the bad thing before it happens. 

Worrying can also be proved good at times. But how? Imagine you are in the woods and a bear appears in front of you? Now that is the time you need to worry and take a quick action. If you stand there to chill, doing nothing now that would be the behavior reflecting that something is wrong with you! At such times worrying is more rational and important than not worrying.   

Even though worrying has this positive side the negative side rules the mind. In other words, mostly the worrying behavior causes trouble! 

The importance of freeing your mind of worry cannot be overemphasized. Excessive worrying and anxiety can lead to depression and even suicidal thoughts if left untreated.

Fear something for a long period and there is a possibility that you might bring it into the reality. Hence, direct action is essential in the elimination process of it; there is just one proper time to begin an attack on worry, and that is now.

So, do not be discouraged, you can surely overcome your worries.

The worrier, so it seems, is not likely to live as long as the person who learns to overcome his worries.

How to stop worrying?

You can surely break your worry habit and get relief; By Simply believing that you can do it. 

Now the practical procedure can be 

  • Practice emptying your mind: You can do this while you sleep to avoid retention of worry. When you sleep your mind tends to absorb the last ideas that are entertained in waking consciousness. Do this daily. Imagine draining out all your negative thoughts, worries, and anxiety. However, it is not only enough to empty your mind, as it will not remain empty for long. It must be occupied or filled with something. Therefore, after emptying your mind try to fill it. Fill it with thoughts of courage, hope, faith, and expectancy. These can be called positive thoughts. 
  • Imaginative Thinking: Reach out to your mind and remove all your worries one by one. We can learn this from a small kid. Just as when a kid gets hurt by a slamming door or falling on the ground, at that time parents hit the door and the kid stops crying. This works for a child because in his mind he believes it to be the end of the matter. Visualize your fear as being drained out of your mind and it will come to end as well. Imagination is the source of fear but it also serves as a cure for fear.   

Can faith help with worry?

Fear is the most powerful thought with one exception, that is Faith. There is a number of studies that have proved religious practices are helpful when it comes to dealing with worrying, and anxiety. Day by day as you fill your mind with faith there will be no room for fear.

Try saying this affirmation out loud: God is now filling your mind with courage, with peace, with calmness. God will see me through this situation. 

Try meditation, it will help you calm yourself. It will help you think better as constantly worrying will only create problems.

How would religion help in reducing worry?

There is no proper literature that specifically says that faith in God can reduce worry or anxiety. However, one can make the following conclusions:

First, there is a sense of care that we feel; that the God showers on us while we are praying, worshiping, and doing religious training. The feeling that he takes a personal interest in our suffering. This might comfort us and give us a ray of hope of a potential answer to our worry. 

Second, the hope of an eternal life that surpasses the suffering on this earth might also give psychological comfort. Having this mind set will not only help in getting out of worry but also help in not being attached to any of the material things in the world.

Lastly, socialization with others of the same faith, inside or outside a place of worship, might provide a distraction from a person’s worry as well as a reminder of their religion’s teachings. 

Taking into consideration all the above said solutions and having a step by step approach to them will solve the problem.

If we cut a tree to the ground before trimming off the branches, it will break nearby trees falling. Thus, it is easier to handle a tree the smaller you can make it. 

Similarly, the vast tree of worry that has grown in your personality can be handled in the same way. Try getting rid of the small day to day worries and try breaking your big or important worries and make them as small as possible. 

Thus, it is advisable to snip off the little worries and expressions from your conversations. As you snip off these small worries you will gradually cut back to the main trunk of worry. 

In this way, you will generate the ability to eliminate the basic worry that is the worry habit, from your life.

However, I have also seen some people who have faulty assumptions about worry

The first is “MY WORRY MOTIVATES ME.” Some people say that worry helps me to work harder and achieve more. Over a period of time, they have associated their worry with doing well, and great performance, they even assume that if they do not worry it will affect their performance. 

Next, I have also heard people saying “IT HELPS ME TO PREPARE FOR THE WORST.” They believe that just in case the scenario gets at its worst and actually happens it might be easier for them to handle as they were already prepared for it (by worrying about it).

Further, “IT HELPS ME TO SOLVE PROBLEMS.” This is another statement that I have heard. But however, I think that worry generates more problems rather than it solves. 

However, there is no good evidence of all these beliefs…. 

All these are not facts they are just rationalizations of the people who worry and they continue to do more of that same…. That is Worry! 

So, to conclude this I would say that, begin by identifying all the worry behaviors you engage in. Remove all the “what ifs” from your mind and speech. Then practice forcing yourself either to not engage in that behavior or to engage in a competing behavior (for example, force yourself to listen to or watch the news if you were previously avoiding doing so).

This will assist you in learning to cope up with your worries. You will also start to lose the link that was built between the anxiety or worry, the resulting behavior, and the relaxation that comes with it.

Applying the above mentioned guidelines to your everyday routine, it will help you maintain a calmer state of mind and avoid worrying. You could discover that you spend a lot less time feeling unsure and worried about the future. You will feel that peace of mind and relaxation.

Remember, at the end of the day, only you can take the steps necessary to overcome your anxiety, worry less, and live the life you deserve.

Self-Reliance Is The Secret Sauce To Consistent Happiness - Darius Foroux


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So, the next time you worry about anything who is going to win? You or Worry?

How do you overcome your worries? Share your thoughts in the comment sections.