Europe is magical, isn’t it? Are you planning to visit Europe anytime in December? Why not check out this list of the 5 most stunning European cities during Christmas?! It is high time you visit these prettiest cities and tick them off your bucket list.

What can be more fascinating than gothic cathedrals, cute Christmas markets, handmade chocolates, unique souvenirs, fresh snow sticking to the ground, hot wine and the merriness of Christmas?! There are many other factors put together, that will make your European vacation an unforgettable one!

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Stunning European Cities During Christmas!

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Paris, France
  • Cologne, Germany
  • London, England
  • Rovaniemi – Lapland, Finland

1. Prague, Czech Republic🇨🇿 One of the Fairytale European cities during Christmas!

European cities during christmas
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Prague is unarguably a fairytale🧚🏻‍♀️ city in Europe, especially during Christmas! The city’s Christmas markets are one of the most famous ones in Europe with a magical backdrop, sparkling lights all over and trails covered in soft snow. It is the best place to just sit there, sip on scented mulled wine🍷, explore the Christmas traditions, walk down the cobbled alleys🏰 that whisper ghost stories and fill your shopping bags with glistening souvenirs! Everything put together will make you feel like you have just stepped into a Christmas card!

And the cute little cafes sell Czech delicacies like spit-roasted hams making it more special. Not to miss the oldest and biggest market set in The Old Town Square animated by music and lights. Moreover, you can also spin on the ice-skating rink⛸ with a cup of hot chocolate or wine. Moreover, if you want a luxurious experience, why not try the most famous beer spa when in the Czech capital? Finally, you can also visit the astronomical tower which stands tall and majestic in the heart of the city.

Try out the best Central European cuisine from the local stalls and get to experience the best! This is your sign to book your tickets to Prague, right away!

Top Attractions

Old town Square Christmas Market, Ice skating, Mulled wine and Cathedrals

Must Try Food

Non-veg– Roast Duck with Cabbage and Dumplings, Pork Knee and Open Sandwiches

Veg– Veggie Gnocchi With Bryndza Cheese And Fried Onion, Fried Cheese, Bramboráky (potato pancakes), bread/fruit dumplings


Lowest– 0°C

Highest– 4°C

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2. Paris, France🇫🇷

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The French capital city is almost everyone’s favourite! Firstly, let us see what makes Paris so special and beautiful during Christmas! The soothing carols, shiny carousels🎠, lit-up Eiffel Tower, cutest cafes with the aroma of freshly baked croissants and iconic monuments are some of the top attractions in Paris in December! Also, there is a wide range of day tours from Paris to the nearby villages that will leave you in awe! Of course, there are a thousand things to do in Paris but the Christmas markets make the city so vibrant and colourful!

Besides the Eiffel, you can have the best views of the Champs-Elysées, millions of sparkling lights in the boulevards and the centuries-old canals. Finally, you can also book a cruise and tour the River Seine, drink some vintage French Wine, eat authentic French snacks and encounter 100s of merry little Santas🎅🏻along the way! The bustling streets, a plethora of luxury fashion brands for shopping, croissants, hot chocolates, lively nightclubs🍻and millions of people enjoying the time of their lives make the city the epitome of fantasy! Most important, Paris is extremely chilly during winter, so pack accordingly!

Top Attractions

Street Christmas Markets, Disneyland, Ice Skating, Cruise trips on the River Seine, the Eiffel Tower, Cafe de Flore etc.

Must Try Food

Croissants🥐, French macaroons, Pain Au Chocolat, grilled cheese🧀/ cheese fondue, Gelato🍧


Lowest– 3°C

Highest– 8°C

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3. Cologne, Germany🇩🇪One of the most magical European cities during Christmas!

European cities during Christmas
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This breathtaking city in Germany apparently gave birth to mulled wine and the custom of Christmas markets! How can you not visit this charming city when it is at its utmost beauty? This city is famous for its gothic cathedrals, themed Christmas fairs and markets, authentic German street food and desserts🍩! The Belgian quarter, special carols and ancient museums make the city and Christmas an ultimate combination to visit! Especially, if you are someone who loves chocolates, my bets are that you will love the candies🍭 and chocolates here!

You can book your favourite day trips from Cologne, enjoy the nightlife with a hot mug of wine, escape the crowd by going on custom tours, and explore the culture and traditions of this pretty city. Also, you can dress up like Germans and click pictures in the Christmas markets for just €8-€15 per picture! To conclude, Cologne is one of the must-visit European cities during Christmas! Also, do not miss the amazing perfumes that will be the perfect gift for yourself!

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4. London, England🇬🇧 The best of all European cities during Christmas!

European cities during Christmas
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Where do I even start? It is beautiful how London✨ makes me fall in love with its charm and magic every day! The largest and the capital city of The United Kingdom🇬🇧 is one of the most lit and breathtaking cities to visit during Christmas! The crisp and chilly winter nights, hot chocolates☕️ with marshmallows, fairy lights all over the city, the iconic double-decker red buses and vintage red telephone booths altogether make London a super magical place. The vibe just teleports you to dreamland! DO NOT miss out on Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park which is the best of all worlds!

Just start visualising yourself in London on a cold winter night and continue reading!💕 You just got down at Oxford Circus from the iconic red bus and you start walking down the streets. There are millions of tiny little lights twinkling all around you. It is almost 2°C or 3°C. You walk into the “Italian Bear Chocolate” shop and ask for a hot chocolate topped with cute marshmallows. Little did you know that it could potentially be the best-ever hot chocolate! The aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls🥮 and pumpkin spice lattes🎃 call in! There’s soft music around and you have the perfect view of the most magnificent city! Life is just beautiful!

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is truly magical with a giant Ferris wheel, a Bavarian village with drinks and dance, a snow world, dance, music, and hundreds of food stalls with crisps, pasta, hot chocolate, churros, burgers, gelatos, fun rides, ice skating rinks, cultural shows and many other things to keep you busy the whole day!

Top Attractions

Oxford Street, Regent Street, Picadilly Circus, Baker Street, Bond Street, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, Covent Garden, Camden Market and China Town!

Must Try Food

Hot chocolate, Churros with cinnamon sugar, English Brunch🍳, England Afternoon Tea🫖, Sunday Roast, Fish and Chips and Chicken Tikka Masala😛 (The national dish of England!)

5. Rovaniemi – Lapland, Finland🇫🇮one of the magical European cities during Christmas in the Arctic!

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Finland, The Northern Lights💚 during Christmas is nothing less than a match made in heaven! With its frosty landscapes, brightly lit trees, and elaborate ice sculptures, there’s no doubt Rovaniemi is one of the most magical European cities during Christmas. And can you believe that Santa Claus🎅🏻 himself lives only 8 km away from this city??? Besides that, you can ride on sledges, cuddle husky mountain dogs that look like wolves, explore the Christmas markets and have the most unique Finnish food!

Finally, with postcard-perfect pink-hued mornings❄️, the vibrant Santa Claus Village draws its main attention with, an eclectic array of Rovaniemi museums, a plethora of winter activities- reindeer rides🦌, snowmobile safaris, and the Northern Lights tours! Besides the snow, this arctic village is one of the most breathtaking and must-visit European cities during Christmas!☃️Are you ready to spend your Christmas in the Arctic-North Pole, fully covered in snow, with the Aurora lights- the natural phenomenon throbbing your heart?

And, if you are a stargazer, unarguably this is the best place for you to just lay down and get mesmerised by the fineness of this Santa Claus village!

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So, here we are! Have you booked your tickets yet? Well, I have booked my tickets for the Winter Wonderland in London which is returning a year after the pandemic! Of course, every city is beautiful and magical in its own way. Also, there are many other cities like Grindelwald (Swiss), Rome (Italy), Santorini (Greece), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Reykjavik (Iceland), Warsaw (Poland) and Edinburgh (Scotland) that are equally beautiful during Christmas! But, let me know which one is your favourite!