Free yourself and live in your own Personal Power

You have the power to make this extremely easy or extremely difficult on yourself, depending on whether your goal is to lessen stress and anxiety or to regain control of your life.
Living a confident, genuine, and empowered life means being in alignment with your personal power. However, few women in today’s world are even aware of their power, much less know how to use it.

” I am no bird and no net ensnares me

i am a free human being with an independent will.”

Charlotte Bronte

Your Journey to Reach your Personal Power

Years that are difficult, rewarding, and overwhelming can teach us a lot of valuable lessons.
I am all too aware of how the internal “mean girl” voice can ruin our lives and render us mentally powerless but each woman is capable of setting herself free.

learn the power of practicing kindness and compassion to your body. However, the most recent and challenging phases of your life are meant to be lived fully and empower you as a women.

a female business owner. a female in a committed partnership. a best friend, sister, and daughter. But there is also a woman who is attempting to love both herself and her life.

But what does personal power entail?
in my view, perfect definition that grabbed my attention by a psychologist called Robert W. Firestone, Ph.D*

“Personal power is based on strength, confidence, and competence that individuals gradually acquire in the course of their development. It is self-assertion, and a natural, healthy striving for love, satisfaction and meaning in one’s interpersonal world. This type of power represents a movement toward self-realization and transcendent goals in life; its primary aim is mastery of self, not others. Personal power is more an attitude or state of mind than an attempt to manoeuvre or control others. It is based on competence, vision, positive personal qualities, and service…”

Your barometer into “This is my life and I rule it.”

Your sense of self-worth was formed as you grew up, and sadly, the majority of women experience low self-esteem all too frequently. Low self-esteem for women is so harmful because it makes you lose touch with your own power.

You lose sight of how amazing and sparkling you really are when you’re cut off from your personal power. Your special abilities, skills, and beauty are obscured by fear, a lack of self-awareness, a lack of purpose, or all three.

Your thoughts become consumed by your inner mean girl, and before you know it, you are ceding control.

Women today not only don’t know what their power is or how to use it, but they also frequently get in their own way of learning how to take the first step in that direction.

To live in your power means that you do not apologise for who you are or what you want – you are unapologetically you.

To live in your power is to live an authentic life full of purpose, meaning and love – it is to be the best human you can!

A women take away her personal power in certain ways:

  • A desire to be well-liked by everyone.
  • Feeling the need to do “XYZ” in order to satisfy someone else’s needs or fulfil their expectations.
  • Failing to appreciate yourself – You are doomed to failure the moment you start comparing yourself to other women in any way, shape, or form. The first step to regaining control over your body is to acknowledge your inherent worth, natural beauty, and special talents while letting go of the media’s unrealistic definition of beauty.
  • being reactive not proactive, the most effective route to achieving our goals is a strategic one. Our ambition and success are fueled when we establish a plan to achieve the end result while keeping the end in mind. A reactive mode lacks the conviction and promise that a proactive mode possesses. When we rely on luck or chance, we surrender control. We are easily distracted and feel like we have no control over our professional future.

The first step toward living in your own power is to start empowering beliefs about your body, mind. Too many women believe that in order to be happy, they must change completely, but this is untrue. You can alter how you view your life by living in your power—your assured, genuine, and strong self. You’ll begin to believe that you are valuable, capable and enough.

Abilities required to maintain your own personal power

It is frequently necessary to acquire new skills in order to embrace and uphold a position of personal power. These consist of:

  • Defining limits and setting boundaries. Increase
  • Understanding how to state needs and wants.
  • Being in touch with your emotions.
  • Ability to maintain present-focused attention.
  • The capacity to set goals.
  • Taking charge.
  • Strengthening your intuition.
  • Forming the mentality of positivity.

It takes time and effort to cultivate and express your personal power. There is no easy way to accomplish it. However, if you are willing to go through the process, I promise that you will experience prosperity in many areas of your life as a result of doing so.

Here are some suggestions for you to begin the process of embracing your personal power.

1. Make a list of the ways which you cause giving away your personal power. Start with specific incidents or situations related to the question and ask yourself how you might have handled the situation differently.

2. Pay attention to your inner voice. LIstening to your inner voice whether it is loud and clear or more of a whisper can be a great source to guide you when you need it the most. You can think of your inner voice as your highest self.

3. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself and kind to yourself. You’ll find that you’re happier, more productive, and more in control if you work on quieting those negative thoughts in your head.

4. Set yourself goals. You can begin modestly, but make some aspirational goals for yourself. This will give you direction and instruct you on how to cultivate and express your personal power so that you can accomplish your goals. Additionally, every time you accomplish a new goal, it will greatly boost your sense of accomplishment.

5. Trust yourself. it’s another tricky one, but trusting your own abilities will give you a huge boost of confidence that you didn’t know it exists! You are capable, embrace this and you will discover your inner strength!

Women who are self-assured own the fact that we are, in fact, women first. From there, we make decisions, trust, influence and lead others, By exercising our power in that way, we encourage other women to do the same, and always remember to uplift one another. Celebrate your own accomplishments and those of other women. Everyone benefits when women help each others, and remember to quit trying to please everyone. You are better off just doing what works best for you in your own life despite the doubts of what others may think.

If you want to get married, you can do so, and you can also get divorced. Make decisions based on your own values, not those of other people. Have no children if you don’t want to, or have 20 it is entirely up to you, never feel obligation to justify it.
Become a stay-at-home mom, or take care of your parents. Focus or your career or leave in the middle of it or after receiving the amazing promotion.

You have a choice to give your authority away whenever and to whomever you want. Your choices are yours only, based on our comfort, preferences and values. They define you and your life not anyone else’s so, be innovative, make mistakes and fail then learn from it, but remember to always keep moving forward.