Learn a New Language and see a Different YOU!!

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world” - Ludwig Wittgenstein

Really, it is never too late to learn something new. In a world full of new and different things, learning a language is not only advantageous but also makes a person successful in life.

This is 21st century and do you think anybody can survive by knowing just one language. I don’t think so.

People say they can manage to translate any language on google whenever needed. But we all know that it is not accurate. We all have translated something in the languages that we know but we all spot a mistake at least once. Sometimes while translating, I have noticed a whole different result of translation which changes the meaning of the original line. So, I totally believe that people must learn new languages and not rely on google translator or any such apps.

According to the data found online, English is the most spoken language in the world.

Mandarin – Mandarin is on the list of most important languages to learn. The Chinese market is expanding globally and they will recruit their team members who knows Chinese. As well as I also know one example of this where my uncle is an architect and he goes to China with his clients to shop furniture. So, some of his clients takes a Chinese interpreter with them on the trip to make it easier to do the deal.

Spanish – Nowadays, I believe Spanish is the best language to learn after mandarin. Spanish is easy to learn for people who speak English.

German – The other language which is beneficial and important to learn is German. Germany is having the highest GDP in Europe and learning German will help one to expand their business in Germany and succeed globally. German is a very different language, but don’t worry it is also an easier language to learn.

There are many applications from where one can learn languages.

  1. Duolingo
  2. Babbel
  3. Memrise
  4. Mondly
  5. Speakly

Personally, I would suggest that if you learn any language, you should learn it from the native speaker if possible. Because then you would be able to grasp that faster than studying it on online application. I had a personal experience in my under grads – I had Japanese as my alternate subject and my professor was from Japan. He did PhD in Hindi language due to which we both were able to understand each other and learning Japanese was much easier than I thought.

Learning a language is FUN!! There are many reasons why one should learn a new language. Everybody has some or the other reason of learning a new language. Some has a hobby to learn, some make it their career or some learn it in their educational institute.

  • Meet new people:

                        This is the best and the most important reason of learning a language. You meet new and interesting people and make them your lifelong friends.

  • Discover a new culture:

                        Music, movies, food, literature, poetry, theatre, fine arts are the endless fabulous things that culture brings to our lives. I agree to the fact that language and culture are two sides of the same coin. I think discovering a new culture is indirectly tied to the knowledge of a foreign language.

Yes, you can learn a particular place’s culture without knowing the language but it is like watching a video of a live show. But if you know that particular language, then that’s a whole different story. You will feel like you are the audience in the theatre, you see the show, you understand the plot and you feel as a part of the show. Without knowing the language, it would be just like the subtitles.

  • Become more Open-minded:

                          By learning a new language, you surely will change your life. You get soaked into an entirely new culture and world that you tend to become open minded. You can understand other people’s point of view and that is absolutely priceless. Once you know other people’s culture, attitude and behavior, you will consider everyone as you know them very well. And then you will see the world from a different perspective and will come to know where you and others come from and that is indeed an eye-opening experience.

  • More Opportunities:

                            I think that knowing a different language will take you places. One can easily go overseas to study or do a job. If you have many languages listed on your curricular vitae then you have more chance of getting a job than others. It is very beneficial for everyone these days.

You can make language your career too. You can become a translator or interpreter. There’s a very bright future for a career in language. As well as big money too. Yes, just translating a page from one language to another can pay you in thousands and same goes to interpreting for an hour. And not to forget if you become a successful interpreter, you get a chance to interpret with the prime ministers or famous celebrities of different countries.

  • Improve your employability:

                              In the 21st century, we all know the companies are expanding globally and they get the clients from overseas as well. So, the person who knows different language will get more chance of getting the job so that he/she can deal with the foreign clients much easily. So, I feel being a bilingual is much more beneficial for everyone. Who wouldn’t want to work in big overseas based companies!!! I won’t leave that opportunity. So, for that I am also thinking of learning Chinese or Japanese to get more and more opportunities.

  • Travel more easily:

                                Travel is not just clicking and uploading photos on social media but to make travelling easier you should know that country’s language. Of course, one wouldn’t know every country’s language but if you know any specific language like Spanish or Germany and you go to Spain or Germany, how beneficial it would be to you.

Tip – if you travel to India and you don’t know Hindi then you surely will be paying extra for everything like shopping, taxi, entry tickets to tourist attractions, etc. because the localites know that foreigners don’t know the local language and they can charge them extra and they would not even know. So, it’s better to know Hindi if you travel to India 😉

  • Sharpen your brain:

                               This thing is proven by a psychologist at York university in Toronto that students who study foreign language are scoring more than others because of their expertise in reading, grammar and vocabulary. So basically, this sharpens your brain and makes you more intelligent. On top of that there was another study conducted by researchers from university college London, that learning other languages altered grey matter. That means the area of the brain which processes information has been altered and is like processing things more clearly and fast. For example- by doing exercise the body muscles are been built. That’s how language alters the brain.

  • Boost confidence:

                                     As you learn new language and meet new people and explore different places with them you will feel 100 times more confident than others. This is because you did something very different, very amazing and have extremely rewarding experience – that is you learnt a new language. The plus point of gaining more confidence is you get feedbacks from the native speakers on how well do you know the language. This surely boosts your motivation of learning more and more.

  • Impress people around you:

                                 This is not a main reason why people learn new language. But if you know many languages, you can always show it off to different people and impress them with your skills. Imagine you go to a fancy restaurant and you know that language and you can correctly pronounce the name of the dish and everyone will be like giving compliments and the restaurant people will also give you a curious look like how do YOU know to pronounce that dish.

Then imagine you go out with your friends and families and only you know how to read or speak in that language and everybody depending on you to take further steps. So cool, isn’t it?  So, that’s quite nice to show off your language skills in front of others along with its main usage.

So, what do you think? Are you going to learn a new language? If YES, what are you waiting for??? Go start learning and recommend others to learn too!! 😉