Has this quote by Pablo Picasso already taken you to an imaginary realm of creativity?

This phrase inspires one to imagine new things and ideas. If one can make efforts towards bringing them to reality, they have the power to create something that the world has never seen before.

We all let go of creativity, thinking it’s either something we characteristically have or don’t have. Uniquely in reality, every one of us is creative to some extent, not just artists, entertainers, musicians, filmmakers, and, fashion designers.

It is essential to focus on creativity more to craft new ideas, push the limits of how we see our world today and endure prospect development. Furthermore, in a world with so much chat of robots, we need to be aware of how crucial human creativity is, and increase its power.

Have you ever questioned yourself ‘How can I become more creative‘ or if you have ever thought ‘I can’t do it, I’m not creative enough’. Reading this blog will edify you about how the power of creativity can influence your life and encourage you to change your habits.


First, tell me what comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Creativity’; I would say ‘to grow’ in all aspects. It would be different for everyone alike the approach to creativity is different. Some understand it as the wisdom of art, some take it in professionally, some in relationships, and some do not consider it all.

 “There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.” Edward de Bono

8 Reasons why creativity is important in everyday life by Potential

Creativity brings pleasure, fulfillment, a sense of possibility, optimism, and meaning to life. It is a form of expressiveness that allows us to converse about our interests and desires. It questions our identity of who and where we belong in the world around us. The power of creativity allows our heads, hearts, and hands to work in harmony. Alternatively, untapped creativity metastasizes, bringing anxiety, anger, grief, and indignity.

Creativity brings happiness to life
Creativity does not wait for the perfect moment


Getting Inspired

Inspiration of new ideas will not come to you unless you nurture nifty creative habits that will help you find better ideas faster.

Finding Your Creative Origin

Understand your passion and which topic/ subject drives your energies positively. It will overcome difficulties like procrastination, fear, and self-doubt.

Understanding Expectation

To master the power of creativity, understand what your craft and audience expect from you.

Seeking Guidance

Try to find a mentor or seek the guidance of someone who masters the art.

Strengthening Your Mind & Body

Become more creative by mastering meditation, physical exercise, and self-care as it is mental practice..

Fighting Against Your Fears

Cultivate a habit of fighting your fear of failure, elimination, and criticism.

From My Sketchbook


I think you would agree that pre-pandemic society had a minimal side to creativity. It was an imprisoned culture with just mundane tasks to perform, closed-minded generations filled with prejudices. It’s been a while since the world emerged from the global pandemic. However, it has caused us to face the biggest challenges of our time to create an open-minded, much improved, and more sustainable society for the better living of our future generations.

The pandemic crisis has not yet wholly defined the ‘’new normal’’, but I am sure that creativity has the power to safeguard that what emanates next is superior to what emanated before.


The tech brand, Apple, outsmarts all other brands by bringing up the most creative Ad campaign during the Covid-19 pandemic. When the entire world was directed to stay-at-home during the pandemic lockdown, Apple encouraged people to continue pursue their creative activities using its products and persist in the positivity of life during the pandemic crisis.

Apple’s Covid-19 commercial

The ‘Creativity Goes On’ is a minute-and-a-half long film shot over two weeks. It montages footage of how people managed to stay creative and keep crafting new things using Apple products. People performed activities like drawing pictures on iPads, creating video content on Macbooks, sharing innovative ideas with friends and family on FaceTime.

The video is peppered with John Krasinski running an episode of his YouTube show #SomeGoodNews, Oprah Winfrey addressing #OprahTalks audiences on Apple TV+ with compassionate words, and Lily James, the actress, taking part in the #SaveWithStories children’s book initiative with her iPad.

According to Apple’s Covid-19 commercial, they comment: “We have always deeply believed in the power of creativity. Now, more than ever, we are inspired by people from all corners of the world who find new ways to share their creativity, ingenuity, humanity, and hope.”

This ad campaign of Apple has been rewarded as one of the best initiatives taken by any brand. It focuses towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for the world. At this pivotal moment, it can be understood that the winners will be those who connect with creativity, deliver realistic, and eloquent content and ideas. If you can change outlook of people, offer new solutions, and encourage action, then you are a winner.


  • COMPUTERS – The most enormous explosion of creativity is computers. It is now accessible to everyone which helps to make more than anyone can in real life.
  • SMARTPHONES – Smartphones are second in the revolution. It helps to create anything, anywhere, at any given time. Whether you are a budding artist or a professional designer, you can find millions of apps to play with your photos, videos, music, or games.
  • 3D PRINTING – Designers can now create a digital twin of any object in the world. They can produce x amount of that object using 3D printers, reducing production costs as compared to traditional manufacturing methods.
  • VIRTUAL REALITY – This has changed how we interact with our surroundings, from education to entertainment to healthcare.
  • DRONE CAMERAS – A boon for professional photographers to take aerial photos from high altitudes. It also makes it possible to reach difficult places, and create unique memories for the world to see.
  • STREAMING SERVICES – It has given access to the world’s creative resources. Creators no longer have to rely on film studios to reach their audience. Instead, they can directly stream on their home screens through Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, and Amazon.
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – The most recent creation for all disciplines from arts to science, AI is increasing in demand. Researchers believe it could fast-track innovations, design-thinking, and solutions in almost all human accomplishments.


The real constant challenge is that creativity tends to be considered an embellished add-on to a prospering society’s serious social, economic, and political factors rather than as a necessary fragment of the picture. Creativity is precisely related to our ability to interpret problems, express ourselves freely, present logically, and accomplish personal calmness and self-actualization.

You could debate that these are the building blocks of the world’s social, economic, and political success. Maria Klawe convincingly explains the power of creativity as a ‘problem-solver’ in Forbes: “The world needs creative thinkers in all disciplines; people who can tackle complex challenges and develop innovative solutions.”

Being a professional event manager and digital marketer, I now understand that creativity is essential in the workplace to solve problems, improve productivity, and increase happiness. It is equally essential in any individual’s life to inculcate creative supremacy.

Hope you will find something in this blog that will add value to your personal and professional life.

Do leave a comment if you are influenced to do something creative today.

Thank you.