Many people consider their youth to be some of their most memorable years. We had hardly any real duties while we were young. And our caretakers were constantly attentive to our needs. This allowed us more time to accomplish many enjoyable activities. Childhood also included a lot of firsts. It was an era of discovery. And a lot of our mature passions have their roots in our early years. That said, it might be a great idea for us as adults to look back on our early recollections. We can appreciate our current lives more by thinking back on pleasant memories. It inspires optimism for the future. 


Reliving these pleasant experiences can be a beneficial strategy to maintain our mental health. According to a study, teenagers who can specifically name happy experiences from their formative years had less of a tendency to develop depressed symptoms. Additionally, by doing this, they can build their mental toughness. We should not dwell on the things that have happened in the past, according to some. But occasionally going back to our early memories can help us become better people now. Many people are inspired by their formative years. 

On a Saturday morning, does the project deadline bother you and compromise your weekend plans? Or do you begin stressing out on Sunday night itself about Monday’s work? 

 Our lives now frequently include stress. To combat stress, we turn to a variety of methods, including yoga and breathing. Fortunately, if we understand and use these tactics correctly, they benefit us. I’m going to talk about one such method with you today that you may use whenever you need to relax and recharge. 

 The good news is that you don’t need to learn this method. Because it only entails the natural experience of listening. Let me describe this simple technique for relaxing and how it functions. 

The method: 

I am hoping you enjoy the music. How do you like it then? either by seeing the actual video or just listening to it? Open your preferred music app or YouTube, depending on how you choose to listen to music. There are indeed a lot of music players available. Now consider your preferred music. No, not the most recent! Go a little past there! Neither three nor five years, even! Remember that song from your childhood by going as far back in your memory as you can. 

You understand it now? Wonderful! Now find that music and start listening to it. Simply allow the music to work its magic. Was this the song that, back then, you loved so much because your crush performed it at school’s annual day? Or was this the tune your mother used to play when cleaning house? Or was this the tune that fascinated you during a school break? 

Your memories stick with you. What a wonderful time we had! What a happy youth that was! Play the following music now. You will be surprised at how the songs are played repeatedly. The most amazing thing about songs is that each one has a beautiful memory from your past. Playing a series of songs will help you forget the passing time. It makes you feel better when recollections from the past surface. And you will continue to feel great even after the songs are stopped. You will keep humming those tunes all day long. 

How it functions 

Our childhood has a certain magic, and we constantly desire the pleasures from it. Our ingrained belief that our time in school and in college was the best of our lives is the explanation behind this. As a result, we treasure our early memories. 

 The fondest memories we have are brought to the surface whenever we listen to childhood melodies. Those songs might not be as appealing to you now as they once were. However, the emotions and events they are tied to are real. You will therefore travel back in time, as if in a time machine, to feel those lovely emotions once more. 

You are not the only one looking for happy memories from your youth. If you are on YouTube, simply scroll down to the comments section to see how others are reacting to those songs and how they have been remembering those wonderful memories once more. We won’t recall how much time we wasted shooting the ideal picture, scrolling through Instagram, or thinking of the most retweetable 140-character tweets when we look back on our lives. 

I would not hesitate to wish to go back in time and revert to childhood if given the option. What is wrong with this, then? Because happiness-inducing activities can be done at any age, life is meant to be enjoyed. So let go of any restraints that could be keeping the child in you from expressing themselves and be nostalgic. 

Well, this was my way of escaping adulthood sometimes, what is your secret technique to revive your childhood? laughinglaughing