The below Indian skincare brands combine cutting-edge, luxurious inventions with a subtle understanding of Indian skin, offering luxurious experiences right in your own space.

In order to make up for all the moisture and hydration lost during this Winter season, it’s crucial to make sure your skin receives a sufficient quantity of both. Indian consumers are more likely than ever to favour locally produced goods and brands. This preference is not merely an attempt to promote the “Made in India” label; it is based on the plain observation that Indian products are equally as excellent as and maybe more reasonably priced than their global counterparts. Below we explore Indian Skincare Brands that suffice their western counterparts.

Indian Skincare Brands that are meant to be on everyone’s Winter Shopping Carts

Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry, one of the most well-liked domestic skincare companies, stands out with its reasonably priced organic line of products. The brand concentrates on delivering a healthy and all-natural skincare experience and employs only components that are 100 percent credentialed organic. Juicy Chemistry provides items for everyone and every aspect when it comes to body, face, and hair care. For individuals who wish to create their own skincare routine from start, they also provide personalised advice on their website. However, their Frankincense and Hemp Organic Facial Oil and Australian Tea Tree and Basil Hydrosol Mist, which are both excellent for dry and acne-prone skin, could be considered two of their skincare line’s highlight pieces.

Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda offers luxurious skincare at its best since it is ethical, socially conscious, and cruelty-free. Customers have engaged fervently in each launch for years, and the brand has established itself on the global market. The Ayurveda-made movement has been led by Kama Ayurveda for almost 20 years. Its skincare concept is centred on healing which uses both cutting-edge technology and natural components from the earth. Time-tested goods with devoted fans include Kama’s Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid and the Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment. Their fragrant Pure Neroli Water is ideal for moisturising and toning your skin if you wish to test one of their recent developments.


Arata is the company to choose if you want to find a hair care line that actually cares for your skin and hair while preventing future harm. Arata is a company that offers a distinctive selection of skincare and hair products. Arata concentrates on a gender-neutral product line that creates an inclusive environment in the beauty industry, from purifying sulfate – free shampoos to green tea serums. The company only employs natural materials and stays away from dangerous chemicals.

Skincare Routine to consider during the Winter

Hydrating Yet Gentle Cleanser in Step 1

Probably begin your day with a mild yet hydrating cleanser that removes dirt from deep into your skin while also replenishing moisture.

Step 2: Mist of Hydration
Spray a face mist after utilising a cleanser to give your skin an extra layer of moisture.

Option 1 for Step 3: Vitamin C
generally apply your preferred Vitamin C serum just after your skin has aired, since this promotes the formation of collagen and speeds up cell turnover, giving your skin a fresh, radiant appearance.

Step 3: Hyaluronic Acid (Option 2)
Hyaluronic Acid is the secret to giving your skin more moisture if Vitamin C is not for you. Applying hyaluronic acid right away after using a hydrating mist and then completing the process with a moisturiser whilst your skin may still be damp will create a moisture sandwich.

Apply a moisturiser
Since your skin tends to lose all of its moisture during the course of the day, it is crucial to choose a moisturiser that is not too harsh on the surface yet offers a significant level of moisture. Another useful suggestion is to always have moisturiser on hand and reapply it on a regular basis.

Dr Sheth’s

Dr. Sheth’s products are frequently seen making the rounds on the Instagram accounts of our beloved skin-care advocates, and as a domestic company, it certainly merits its time in the limelight. It is not surprising that founder Dr. Aneesh Sheth, who has a background in pharmacology and composition and is descended from eminent skincare authorities, started to realise that there was a severe shortage of research on Indian skincare that was tailored exclusively for the subcontinent. Indians now better understand their natural skin owing in large part to the brand. Dr. Sheth praises melanin, encourages individuals to take care of their skin, and, in the process, helps them develop a relationship with their skin in the middle of a poisonous colourism society.


Beauty in the eyes of Purearth is mindful wellbeing. Its products blend luxury with a fierce enthusiasm for ethical skincare and are pure, mild, natural, and calm. Purearth provides gradual and artisanal formulations instead of rapid solutions, created in their zero-waste facilities using Himalayan-sourced materials. Its dedication to the environment is demonstrated by programmes like the Recycling Program, which collects empty product containers and plants a tree for every jar or bottle collected, and the Pure Purpose Foundation, which focuses on social impact. The company, which Kavita Khosa founded, also aims to provide regional manufacturers a solid foundation in metropolitan marketplaces. The company’s Body Polish, Body Butter, and Illumine Elixir Supercritical Face Oil are luxurious and award-winning goods.

Pahadi Local

The goal of Pahadi Local is to increase luxury while maintaining a cooperative and sustainable business. The elements for its offerings, which are derived from the Himalayas, are simple. There is no need to hunt for high-end experiences outside of nearby natural settings, according to founder Jessica Jayne. Pahadi Local offers a selection of teas, oils, and powdery face washes to meet all of your wellness requirements. Don’t miss their partnership with reputable luxury shop Good Earth or the Pen and Ink collection, created with interior designer and artist Usha Hooda.

Daughter Earth

Daughter Earth’s goods are made from plants and have a focus on empowering the underprivileged. They were created by combining Ayurveda and contemporary technology. After extensive research, the skincare line modernises wild alchemy with cutting-edge technology, giving customers the best of both worlds. It supports the education of girls and is cruelty-free, using only recyclable packaging. In addition, Daughter Earth collaborates with groups that share its concern for the environment, such as Plan India and the World Wildlife Fund. It is worthwhile to include its phytonutrient moisturiser and revitalising serum in your skincare regimen because of how well-liked they are.

Kal Hans

The goal of Kal Hans is for its consumers to have radiant, healthy skin and the self-assurance to understand that no skin is flawless and need not be. The brand makes the promise of nourishing and happy skin, imperfections and all, rather than guaranteeing the achievement of unattainable ideals of beauty. In an accident that left her with physical and mental wounds, the creator of the company, Lisa D’Mello, realised that in order to be attractive, one must love oneself. Our bodies provide for us in so many ways that they merit our gratitude. This thankfulness is something that Kal Hans tries to capture in their organic and vegan products. Those who desire glowing, dewy skin frequently use its Rejuvenate and Repair Serum.


This locally – based, the family-owned company aims to confirm the science and effectiveness of natural skincare. Non-toxic Neemli offers products and individualised consultation services to meet the demands of a wide range of skin types. Neemli believes that real beauty is unfiltered, and their clients clearly agree because of their “No Filter Beauty” range is a top seller. Despite having its corporate headquarters in Mumbai, Neemli really started off by selling its goods at a flea market in Goa.

Indulgeo Essentials

Seema Arora and Supriya Malik, a mother-daughter team, launched the organic, upscale skincare company Indulgeo Essentials. The duo are of the opinion that skincare regimens may be made simple and enjoyable by examining nature attentively in order to find solutions for skin problems. Fine, unprocessed raw materials are meticulously mixed to create the items’ high quality and effectiveness. Volcanic Night Oil, Rejuvenating Eye Serum, and Squalene Skin Hydrator from Indulgeo Essentials have all consistently been top sellers and are ideal representations of the company’s philosophy.

The following skincare brands are some of the most sought – after winter skincare brands that have been drawing attention from audiences and are contributing to India’s growing luxury skincare and haircare brands and goods. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to fully comprehend the specific requirements of your skin before introducing any new steps to your beauty regimen. You should also thoroughly examine the contents of skin care products and note how your skin responds to them. Remember that there is no specific recipe for getting the perfect skin your desire. The way that each person’s skin responds to the same chemicals depends on their individual skin type. Having said that, if you would like your skin to gradually grow bright and healthy, we believe it is crucial to mix up your beauty regimen when the weather exterior changes.