” The Inspiring Story of Free”

Urban art and anti-capitalist art are two intertwined and overlapping movements that have gained significant momentum in recent years. Both forms of art aim to challenge and subvert mainstream cultural values, often through the use of graffiti, street art, and other forms of public display.

Urban art, also known as street art or graffiti art, is a movement that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s in the United States. It is characterized by the use of spray paint, stencils, and other forms of public marking to create artworks that are often political. Urban artists often work outside of traditional galleries and museums, instead using the streets and public spaces as their canvas.

Anti-capitalist art, on the other hand, is a movement that seeks to challenge and critique the values and systems of capitalism. This can take many forms, from street art and graffiti to more traditional forms of art such as painting, sculpture, and performance. Anti-capitalist artists often use their work to critique issues such as corporate greed, consumerism, and the unequal distribution of wealth.

One of the defining features of both urban art and anti-capitalist art is their use of public space. These artists use the streets and other public spaces as a means of reaching a wider audience and making their work more visible. In doing so, they challenge the traditional art world and its exclusive nature, instead bringing art to the people and making it more accessible to all.

Another key feature of these movements is their emphasis on social and political activism. Urban and anti-capitalist artists often use their work to draw attention to important issues and to inspire change. This can be seen in the work of artists such as OptOwt, whose street art has tackled issues such as capitalism, war, and corruption.

OPTOWT “FREE” https://randomgallery.co.uk/

this wonderful Industrial modern office piece of plastic ‘FREE’. Was created Post Covid by an anonymous artist OPTOWT suffered digital burnout and decided that the best place for the laptop was an oven meltdown. Mirroring much of modern life’s bipolarity with real life and digital life. OPTOWT has since deleted all digital footprint and lives in the woods.  He suffered from digital burnout and has become an advocate for Digital burnout and a healthy work and life balance.

Capitalism remains the slave master, who constantly enslaves people in search of a climb in these cooperate ladder, in sear of a greener pasture. People now work almost 24 hours daily and constantly put their health at risk by being in front of a computer and other devices daily.

Alternative art such as “FREE” reminds the world that it is not about the money!  No matter how capitalism has forced people to work to pay bills and earn more only to pay more taxes and bills. People who care about the mental health of workers, students, and individuals will always speak up, with their creativity and will not fail to call them out if need be.    

In conclusion, urban art and anti-capitalist art are two important and interconnected movements that seek to challenge mainstream cultural values and systems. Through the use of public space and social and political activism, these artists bring art to the people and use it as a means of inspiring change.