If you are planning a trip to London or currently live there and need a restaurant guide or recommendation, you are in the right place. In this blog, you will find 10 of the best restaurants in London I’d like all of you to try!  

1. Daphne’s (Italian restaurant in Chelsea)

This is an Italian fine restaurant, one of the best restaurants in London. It is easy to reach by tube, it takes 5 minutes by walk from the tube station. I went during Christmas period and the roof was all decorated with Christmas ornaments, the atmosphere was so nice and comfortable. The food was amazing, delicious Italian cuisine, highly recommend the truffle risotto! The restaurant is very busy, in particular at dinner time, so if you are looking for a quiet and calm place this might not be the best choice. Reservation is required, book a week before going and you’ll find the time slot best suits you!

2.  (Vietnamese restaurant in South Kensington)

Are you seeking for good Asian food? Well, you must try this place. They are famous for the Vietnamese noodles phô, but on the menu you will find many other appetizing sides. The portions are small, so you can order and try several sides. Then, there are different flavours of phô, you can choose among beef, pork meat or seafood soups. The venue is simple and small, but you don’t need to worry, bookings are not required either. You might need to wait 10 minutes if they are busier than usual, but that will worth it.

3. Viet Food (Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown)

If you have been in Chinatown, I bet you felt overwhelmed by all the Asian restaurants there at least once, but I’d like to recommend you this place, you won’t get wrong!

You will be impressed by the delicious food they are offering. The price is not excessively high.

It looks like a family-run restaurant, the staff was very kind and the place very cosy.

The dessert with Pandan was amazing, and the beef steak was so tender, you must try them!

4. Circolo Popolare (Italian restaurant in Fitzrovia)

The restaurant’s colourful walls

Here’s another Italian restaurant, but unlike Daphne’s, this is a place for Mediterranean taste lovers! It’s a Sicilian trattoria indeed, serving very nice pizzas, pasta and mozzarella! Truffle pizza is a must to try, it’s very good. The location is lively, the walls are fulfilled of empty and colourful glass bottles and other traditional Sicilian ornaments.

The staff is made of Italian guys, most of them all very kind and friendly. The restaurant is huge, but very busy at dinner as well, so reservations are required! It’s very suitable for a date with friends, their cocktails taste good and have eccentric looks, perfect for your Instagram photos! 

5. Park Row (Experience restaurant in Soho)

Let me introduce you Park Row London, a unique restaurant inspired by DC studio, where you can enjoy a full immersive experience. This place’s design refers to DC’s movie Batman. The vibe is very enigmatic and exciting, but as you enter to the real restaurant the whole mood changes. The restaurant is very chaotic and busy, there’s also a band playing in the room. The food is great. The “painting-cocktail” is a famous drink of Park Row for its creativity and the desserts are very scenic and good-looking as well as tasty. 

6. Haidilao (Hotpot restaurant in Oxford Circus)

If you are a fan of hotpot, then you might already know Haidilao, one of the most famous hotpot brands in China. However, for those who are new to this kind of restaurant, let me introduce it to you. It’s a way unique experience restaurant. Also, you can enjoy fruit for free at the end! You don’t need to reserve a table, but you might have to wait for your turn. During the waiting time, you will be entertained by the staff with free snacks and even free manicure. Would you go to this place?

 7. Dad Grilled Skewers (Chinese restaurant in Chinatown)

This is a very casual place, perfect for nights out with friends, matching grilled food with beer!  

The menu has made of beef, lamb, pork and squid skewers mainly, but there are also veggies skewers.

Cold noodles are amazing, but the Cantonese rice is very recommended too! Overall, the restaurant conveys a pleasant and enjoyable mood and the price is fair enough. 

8. Seabird (Seafood rooftop restaurant in Southwark)

Looking for a nice view for a dinner date? Then you must try this rooftop restaurant with an amazing view of the city. The atmosphere is very lively, not too noisy even if they are always very busy. As you can guess, you must book sometimes well in advance if you are going during the weekend. The food is amazing, they have seafood only, but with a wide choice. There’s also a terrace embellished with plants and bulb lights, very suitable to go during the summer!

9. Coq d’Argent (French restaurant in London’s Bank area)

Here’s a French restaurant if you love French cuisine like me. The location is cool, but quite small so the staff has to walk through the tables to serve and this could be quite annoying. It’s very busy and noisy during dinner time, however the good food makes everything worth it; and it doesn’t end

here, the real surprise is its terrace. There’s a garden terrace with an insane view of London’s skyline, but you have to ask for the staff to open it for you, but I think during the summer it should be always open.

The view from the garden terrace

10. Hutong (Chinese restaurant in London Bridge)

The view from The Shard

Lastly, I’d like to mention this fine restaurant serving Chinese dishes in London Bridge. If you are looking for a spot for a special occasion, then this is the right place. The view is breath-taking, 360 degree view of London’s skyline at the Shard. The food is good, but not impressive. There’s also a cocktail bar downstairs to end in style the night date, but you might have to book in advance too. Even if the restaurant is not cheap, you must get on there and try it at least once! 

Peking duck at Hutong

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